Maun is a simple suspense love story – Suraj Bhusal

Nepali movie ‘Maun’ has released in theater today. Here is the summary of an interview with the director of the movie, Suraj Bhusal, conducted by our representative, Raunak Niraula, yesterday.

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Tell us something about your movie ‘Maun’?

– ‘Maun’ is a suspense love story of two deaf people. ‘Maun’ explores the colorful life of deaf people and their love chemistry in the suspense story.

How was the concept of ‘Maun’ conceived?

– While I was working as an assistant director, our team had a feeling that a movie made on a love story has a good potential in Nepali market. A love story made one two deaf characters sounded very interesting and we started working on the story. To make it more interesting we added a little bit of suspense and that is how the script of ‘Maun’ was written by Arpan Thapa.

Although ‘Maun’ is your debut movie as a director, you are not new in the industry.  You had worked as an assistant director of Arpan Thapa in three of his movies and you have also worked with actress Namrata Shrestha before. How was your experience working with her?

– Working with Namrata Shrestha was one of the most memorable experiences. She is professional and supportive actress who worked hard from the start to the release date. On the of best thing about Namrata is that she devotes full time and support in one project at a time.

These days, most of the Nepali movies have failed miserably. In this scenario, what different you have done in ‘Maun’ to make it successful?

– ‘Maun’ has a simple and sweet love story with suspense in it. We love it and we believe the audience will not be disappointed when they watch it.

Tell us about your journey in film making. How did you became a director?

-  I used to get attracted towards movies since my childhood. Later, I went to India to study film making. I worked in few projects as an assistant director for some years before starting a movie on my own. ‘Maun’ is my first directorial movie.

As a new and young director, what do you think of a future in Nepali film industry ?

– There is very good scope as a director in the Nepali film industry. Everybody carves entertainment so, entertainment is an evergreen business. It all depends on if your ability to entertain people with good movies . All you need is hard work, being creative and it also needs a lot of patience to make a career in the Nepali film industry.

What types of difficulties did you face while making ‘Maun’?

– After working in a few movies as an assistant director, I had already made good friendship with the team. So, everyone helped me in every step of movie making. So, I didn’t face much difficulties during the making of this movie.

Do you have any other film making plans after ‘Maun’?

– I have a few scripts ready but I haven’t yet finalized on anything yet. We will decide on the next project after evaluating the response of ‘Maun’ in theater. I will let you know when something is finalized. For the time being, let’s wait for the response of ‘Maun’.

Do you have nay final words for the the viewers of Xnepali.

– ‘Maun’ is releasing tomorrow in 70 screens all over Nepal. The movie is an entertaining movie with simple suspense love story. We expect all of you to watch it and give a feed back. Thank you for supporting us during the pre-release of the movie. And, thanks to the Xnepali team.

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