Miss Chitwan 2017 is Suman Gurung, gets wild card entry in Miss Nepal 2017

In the third edition of Miss Chitwan beauty contest, held in Chitwan on March 24, 2017, Suman Gurung was selected to wear the Miss Chitwan 2017 title. After winning the crown, Gurung gets the direct entry to participate in Miss Nepal 2017 contest to be held in near future. (Application for Miss Nepal 2017 has recently been called.)

The third Miss chitwan, Gurung, was crowned by the reigning Miss Nepal 2016, Asmee Shrestha. Suman was selected from a pool of 28 contestants. After winning the title, Suman was awarded with Yamaha Fashino Scooter, cash prize and a free entry into Power House Gym.

The first runner up of the contest is Manisha Bhattarai, second runner up is Suvekshya Sharma, the third runner up is Sujita Neupane and Urusha Adhikari was selected to be the fourth runner up.

The contest held by Bright Nepal had various subtitles awarded to other participants. The title winners include:

  • Miss Chitwan 2017 – Suman Gurung
  • Miss Chitwan 2017 First Runner up – Manish Bhattarai
  • Miss Chitwan 2017 Second Runner up – Suvekshya Sharma
  • Miss Chitwan 2017 Third Runner up – Sujita Neupane
  • Miss Chitwan 2017 Fourth Runner up – Urusha Adhikari
  • Best Performance Award – Manisha Adhikari
  • Best Skin Award – Manisha Bhattarai
  • Best Figure Award – Nisha Chaudhari
  • Popular Choice Award – Namuna Karki
  • Best Dress Award – Binita Luitel
  • Miss C Award – Rajina Bisural
  • Best Smile Award – Sujita Neupane
  • Best Walk Award – Irubin KC
  • Miss Talent Award – Sonam Tamang
  • Best Friendship Award – Sampada Piya
  • Miss Photogenic Award – Irubin KC
  • Miss Personality Award – Suman Gurung
  • Miss Multimedia Award – Nishu Shrestha
  • Miss Best Hair Award – Manisha Adhikari

In 2013 Sitoshma Ban had won the Miss Chitwan 2013 title. Ban had participated in Miss Nepal contest and also had won a sub-title in the contest.

Who gets direct entry in Miss Nepal?

The contestants who win some of the regional beauty contests get direct entry in the Miss Nepal beauty contest. Like the winner of Miss Chitwan other contests held in Pokhara and Purwanchal are currently being given the privilege of direct entry in the Miss Nepal contest.

Who gets the direct entry is determined by the Miss Nepal organizer Hidden Treasure. The organizer usually signs an agreement prior to the organization of the local level beauty contest before being eligible to get direct entry in the contest. So far, the winners of the following three beauty contest get direct entry.

  • Winner of Miss Pokhara
  • Winner of Miss Chitwan
  • Winner of Miss Purwanchal

Confirmed contestants in Miss Nepal 2017 are :

  • Kritika Giri – Miss Purwanchal 2016
  • Sadichha Pandey – Miss Pokhara 2016
  • Suman Gurung – Miss Chitwan 2017

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