Friday Release – Lappan Chhapan and Nirbhaya

It is a clash between the action star Nikhil Upreti and new age Dayahang Rai and Saugat Malla in theatre. Two awaited movies ‘Lappan Chhapan’ and ‘Nirbhaya’ were released in theatre on Friday – March 24, 2017.

Lappan Chhappan

The movie ‘Lappan Chhappan’ features the actors liked in multiplex cinema – Dahayang Rai and Saugat Malla. The movie directed by Mukunda Bhatta also features Arpan Thapa and Barsha Siwakoti. The stars have high hope from the gangster movie. The movie is also termed as ‘Loot 3’ by some as the movie features the same actors of Loot in leading roles. The actress, Barsha Siwakoti, seen in sober roles in her previous movies, has become a modern girl in ‘Lappan Chhappan’.

The movie was promoted as the ‘Jaadko Chhokra Khane Din.’ at the end of the trailer.

Watch ‘Lappan Chhappan’ trailer:


Another release ‘Nirbhaya’ features the action star of the film industry Nikhil Upreti. Nikhil is mostly liked by single screen theatres. The movie features actress Neeta Dhungana opposite to Nikhil Upreti. The movie is directed by Madhu Sudhan Bhattarai.

Like other movies of Nikhil Upreti, he is again featured as a police officer in the movie. The actor Nikhil Upreti had gone into hiding in India after running away with actress Sanchita Luitel. He made a comeback in the film industry after 5 years with ‘Bhairav’. The success of the movie helped Nikhil to re-start his journey in the film industry.

But, after the initial success, the business of Nikhil’s films are not that satisfactory these days. The success or the failure of ‘Nirbhaya’ will certainly impact Nikhil’s career as an actor.

Watch the trailer of Nirbhaya:

The initial response of the viewers is yet to arrive. I had also prepared a video on the new form of advertisements based on the release date of the movie:

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