Miss Jyapu to be held on March 17

We already have various ethnic beauty contests like Miss Newa, Miss Gurung, Miss Sherpa, Miss Tamang and so on. It seems such ethnic contests haven’t been able to include all the sub-ethnic communities. That might be the reason Miss Jyapu is going to be organized soon. Jyapu is a small sub-community within Newa or Newar community, opting agriculture as their profession. By default, Miss Newa is supposed to include all the beauties from Jyapu community.

miss Jyapu

Miss Jyapu 2012 is going to be organized on March 17, 2012 (Chaitra 4. 2068 BS) and application for the beauties of age between 18 and 24 is open now. The particip
ants will be taught about the traditional agricultural practices and typical Newari tradition.

After Miss Jyapu (agriculture professionals) it seems, we will have more beauty contests like Miss Gubhaju (Newari Priests), Miss Shrestha (Merchants), Miss Pode (fishermen, sweepers), Miss Chyami (sweepers) and so on in the near future.

UPDATE: Miss Jyapu Beauty Pageant 2012 Registration Form

5 thoughts on “Miss Jyapu to be held on March 17

    • HI Kirti, the contest is already held (was held on June 17, 2012).
      You can participate in the next event (that might be announced after 2-3 months).

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