Movie promotion – Witty release date slogan

Some Nepali movies have started a promotion strategy to let the viewers remember the release date in their trailer and poster. The short and witty statements about the release date have been found to be effective in helping the viewers to remember the release date and raise interest in the movie.

I have prepared a video report on the issue:

The first movie I saw such a promotion strategy was ‘Kabaddi’. Here is the list of slogan and the movies :

  • Kabaddi – Rango Chadne Din (The day to ride a male-buffallo)
  • Kabaddi Kabaddi – Janti Jane Din (The day to go in a marriage proceeding)
  • Loot 2 – Feri Lootne Din (The day of robbery again)
  • Chhakka Panja – Hasne Din (The day of laughter)
  • Resham Filili – Fililli Hune Din
  • Utsav – Celebration Begins
  • Adhakatti – Bada Dashain ma Hasne Hoina ta (Don’t you want to laught in Dashain

Two more movies that embrace this type of promotion are yet to be released:

  • ‘Lappan Chhapan’ has a slogan ‘Jaand ko Chhokran Khane Din’
  • ‘Love Love Love’ has a slogan ‘Love Garne Din’

Are slogan effective

Witty and interesting slogan are useful in creating brand awareness. People remember such slogan for a long time and associate it with the product it represent. Not all the slogan I mentioned above are that interesting or memorable, but I remember people recalling some of the slogans of the movie in social media.

In addition to creating a slogan, it should also be used in promotion materials. For example, ‘Chhakka Panja’ didn’t used its slogan in its trailer or any promotion materials. It it had used it in every promotion material, ‘Hasne Din’ would certainly have created a positive impact. But, it was only used at the end of one of the songs and most of the viewers didn’t even notice it.

I think, popularity of slogan alone doesn’t guarantee the success of the product but, it certainly has positive impact.

Apart from slogan of the release date, some movies names also come with a slogan. For example, the Raju Giri movie was named “Tiger, the Real Hero”.

Watch the movies mentioned in the list to see if the slogan actually links to the content of the movies (only the movies that are available full, online):

Trailers of the upcoming movies:

‘Lappan Chhapan’ trailer:

‘Love Love Love’ trailer:

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