Elon Musk $44 billion purchase offer approved by Twitter board

The Twitter board has unanimously approves Elon Musk offer to buy the social media for a sum of $44 billion. The world’s richest person, Musk has said that he is going to keep it private and will release the source code.

This is the tweet Elon tweeted to announce the acquisition:

before that, he had tweeted :

and :

Highest price for a social media platform

So far, Twitter’s price is the almost twice the price of any other social media acquisition. In the past, Salesforce had bought Slack for a sum of $28 billion. LinkedIn was paid $26 billion by Microsoft. Facebook had acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion and Instagram for $1 billion a while ago. Another Microsfot acquisition was Skype for 8.5 billion. Ages ago, Google had bought YouTube for a whooping $1.65 billion. And, Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 is also a notable high price acquisition in the tech industry.

Acquisition prices:

Twitter: $44 billion (Elon Musk)
Slack: $28 billion (Salesforce)
LinkedIn: $26 billion (Microsoft)
WhatsApp: $19 billion (Facebook)
Skype: $8.5 billion (Microsoft)
YouTube: $1.65 billion (Google)
Tumblr: $1.1 billion (Yahoo)
Instagram: $1 billion (Facebook)
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How to Download Read Only PDF from Google Drive (Protected/View Only files)

This is a hack procedure for Google Drive. Please refrain from using this for those who know computer coding. It involves using internet-codes.

When to use this procedure?

When a friends or teacher gives you the link of PDF in Google Drive and they can only be viewed but can not print, download or copy, these are normally view-only files that can not be downloaded. But, there is a small hack that was working when I prepared this procedure. It doesn’t hack into the system, but takes screenshots and compile into files. So, this procedure is just an automated process of doing it manually.

Only use this procedure when the “download” or “print” options are missing for the documents.

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YouTube trendings Nepali videos – Brakefail, Rabi Lamichhane program

This is a new series in xnepali – the list of videos trending in YouTube on daily basis. It seems, I should decrease the frequency from daily to alternative days. That is because some video remain in trending for more than one day. So, in this third post in the series, most of the videos were featured in yesterday and the day before yesterday’s post. For example two videos of yesterday – “Smart City’ web series and Cartoonz Crews video are in 3rd and 4th position.

So I start today with the video ranked 5 in YouTube trends. The video in 5th rank is Rabi Lamichhane program. The program features a strange child who has smart capacities. Enjoy the video

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No, Nepal didn’t get Democracy in 1951 (2007 BS)

I was doing an analysis of events of 1951 when Rana regime was abolished and ‘democracy’ was established. But, it seem to be totally opposite. The Rana seem to be more liberal than the kings. There was a constitution written three years before Rana were thrown out of power. The constitution at least tells that people had fundamental rights. But, after ‘democracy’ was brought in and Rana were kicked out of power, all the fundamental rights were transferred to the King in the second constitution that was promulgated 15-years later.

Video reports about the 2007 BS event and how India used it to its benefit:

The first constitution of Nepal, released in 1948 (2004 BS) had given all the fundamental rights to the citizen of Nepal. Although other following clauses restrict such rights, it had at-least mentioned the supremacy of the citizen. But, the constitution release by the king, in 1962 (2019 BS) transferred all these rights to the King.
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When Kishor Nepal wrote a fake interview of Priyanka Karki in Shaptahik

In an event held to release the trailer of ‘Kohalpur Express’, the debut movie of Keki Adhikari as a producer, three actresses of the movie expressed their dissatisfaction towards journalist Kishor Nepal.

In the event, Priyanka remembered the incident and how she dealt with it. She had complained against the writer and had forced to remove the article from the website. When I checked Kantipur’s website, the issue of Saptahik of March 10, 2017 is not available online.

Watch the video to know the truth:

How did it start?

A few days ago, an website, merofilm published an article based on an interview of Kishor Nepal. In the interview, Kishor had told that – Nepali actresses don’t have the essence. There was a debate in online media about his statement. In the same interview, he had told that he doesn’t like Priyanka Karki. He had told a little knowledgable actress is Keki Adhikari.
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Movie promotion – Witty release date slogan

Some Nepali movies have started a promotion strategy to let the viewers remember the release date in their trailer and poster. The short and witty statements about the release date have been found to be effective in helping the viewers to remember the release date and raise interest in the movie.

I have prepared a video report on the issue:

The first movie I saw such a promotion strategy was ‘Kabaddi’. Here is the list of slogan and the movies :

  • Kabaddi – Rango Chadne Din (The day to ride a male-buffallo)
  • Kabaddi Kabaddi – Janti Jane Din (The day to go in a marriage proceeding)
  • Loot 2 – Feri Lootne Din (The day of robbery again)
  • Chhakka Panja – Hasne Din (The day of laughter)
  • Resham Filili – Fililli Hune Din
  • Utsav – Celebration Begins
  • Adhakatti – Bada Dashain ma Hasne Hoina ta (Don’t you want to laught in Dashain

Two more movies that embrace this type of promotion are yet to be released:
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Ex King Gyanendra visits Shital Niwas, on president daughter marriage, the venue of his own marriage

On January 16, 2016, the ex-King of Nepal, Gyanendra Shah visited Shital Niwas – the president’s government residence to participate in the marriage of the younger daughter of the president, Bidhya Devi Bhandari. It was a coincidence that Shital Niwas was also the venue of the marriage of Gyanendra Shah some 46 years ago. At that time, the venue was used for royal events and as a guest house for foreign dignitaries. As a prince, Gyanendra Shah had married Komal Rajya Laxmi Shah in 2027 BS.

Video report:

During the marriage ceremony, Gyanendra was surrounded by the leaders of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP). RPP is the party formed by the former Panchayat System leaders. The party led by Kamal Thapa and Lokendra Bahadur Chand is considered pro-monarchy and pro-Hinduism. Gyanendra told, “I remember the days of my marriage.”

In the recent days, Gyanendra has been releasing politically motivated press statements. He had expressed his dissatisfaction over the way the leaders have been working and the foreign influence in the Nepali politics.
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