Movie Songs – Jism, Audio Jukebox

Attached is a video featuring the audio songs of upcoming movie ‘Jism’ by controversial director Raju Giri featuring actress Archana Paneru and Surendra Budha in lead roles. There are two songs in the movie. The music is composed by Yogesh Kaji. Sound design by Rajiv Shah.

The details of the songs:

  • Dubideu Timi (Singers – Yogesh Kaji and Rajni Rhythm Rai, lyrics by Yogesh Kaji)
  • Fakreko Yo Jawani (Singers – Yogesh Kaji and Sital Moktan, lyrics by Sajjan Kumar Singh)

The movie was shot before the Film Development Board had

Listen to the audio jukebox:

credit – Highlights Nepal

The movie was approved for shooting by the Film Development Board after a lengthy tussle with the director, Raju Giri. Watch the following reports:

Raju Giri admits mistake and announced the change in name (the change however didn’t happen)

Whole shooting team was arrested in Pokhare:

Film announcement and the movie to feature Archana in lead role:

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