Top 10 Nepali movies in 2066

2066-2067 Measure of success of a movie can be different for different people. Some gauge the success on the revenue it brings to the producer and others measure it on the satisfaction it can give to the viewers. It is much easier to quantify the profit than the quality of movie.

Top movies released in 2066, according to the profit they have made are:

  1. Kaha Bhetiyala
  2. Dhoom
  3. Mero Euta Saathi Chha
  4. Nishana
  5. Eku
  6. Batuli
  7. Kaha Chau Kaha
  8. Afno Manche Afnai Hunchha
  9. Dosti *
  10. Hifajat *

In the above list, movies marked with * are recently released and actual statistics can’t be estimated.

‘Kaha Bhetiyala’, first movie of Shri Krishna Shrestha as a producer is considered best movie of the year 2066. Made in Rs. 8 million, the movie has already grossed Rs. 19 million and is expected to do more than a million business in coming days.

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Top Actors in 2066 – Biraj Bhatta acted in most movies

2066-2067 About one third of the movies released this year featured Biraj Bhatta. Out of 35 movies 14 had Biraj as actor. Rajesh Hamal came second with 9 movies in his credits. Nikhil Upreti did 8 movies. 

  1. Biraj Bhatta – 14 moives
  2. Rajesh Hamal – 9 movies
  3. Nikhil Upreti  – 8 movies
  4. Rajballav Koirala – 4 movies
  5. Ramit Dhungana – 4 movies
  6. Aryan Sigdel – 2 movies

Arjun Karki, Suman Singh, and Dilip Rayamajhi were average in the year. Shri Krishna Shrestha acted in only one, but most successful movie of the year, ‘Kaha Bhetiyala’ and is actually the best actor of the year.

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Movies released in 2066 BS

2066-2067 The Nepali movie industry saw a bit of a relief as compared to the previous years in 2066 BS. The number of movies being produced was increased and those released in the year have done satisfactory business. Most of the movies did average business. Some of the high expected movies like ‘Kusume Rumal 2′ couldn’t do good business and some unexpected movies like ‘Eku’ took the stage and did better than average business in the year 2066.

postersAlthough there was quantitive increase in moves, qualitive increase couldn’t be seen with a few exception. Most of the movies had stories copied from some foreign movies. The extreme of which could be seen in the copy-cat posters.

Movies screened in 2066

According to the statistics of Nepal Cinema Development authority, the Censor Board has censored 42 Nepali movies including 29 celluloid and 13 digital ones. But, among those 42 movies only 27 have made it to the theater. Other 15 are in queue to get their chance to get slot in the cinema hall and will probably be screened in 2067.

The 27 movies released in 2066 are:

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