Top 10 Nepali movies in 2066

Measure of success of a movie can be different for different people. Some gauge the success on the revenue it brings to the producer and others measure it on the satisfaction it can give to the viewers. It is much easier to quantify the profit than the quality of movie.

Top movies released in 2066, according to the profit they have made are:

  1. Kaha Bhetiyala
  2. Dhoom
  3. Mero Euta Saathi Chha
  4. Nishana
  5. Eku
  6. Batuli
  7. Kaha Chau Kaha
  8. Afno Manche Afnai Hunchha
  9. Dosti *
  10. Hifajat *

In the above list, movies marked with * are recently released and actual statistics can’t be estimated.

‘Kaha Bhetiyala’, first movie of Shri Krishna Shrestha as a producer is considered best movie of the year 2066. Made in Rs. 8 million, the movie has already grossed Rs. 19 million and is expected to do more than a million business in coming days.

‘Dhoom’, made in Rs. 3.8 million has already earned 8.5 million before being released in 1/3 of the Nepal. ‘Mero Euta Saathi Chha’ was another successful movie with the production cost of Rs. 12.5 million. The producers claim that the movie has already made more than 10 million in profit.

Saptahik magazine has released its own top 10 list:

  1. Kaha Bhetiyala
  2. Afno Manche Afnai Hunchha
  3. Batuli
  4. Eku –The Jungle Man
  5. Mero Euta Saathi Chha
  6. Kaha Chau Kaha
  7. Nishana
  8. Pahile Pahilo Maya
  9. Arjundev
  10. Dosti

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Nepali movies in 2066

  1. Kaha Bhetiyela is the best movie of whole Nepali film industry.
    Shree Krishna Shrestha Never Forget.
    He will be always in heart of Nepali fans

  2. kaha bhetiyela is real top #1 movie that i ever seen before and really nice for all the neplese movie lover. as we all know shree krishna is very nice actor and good dancer. i am satisfy with the rank that kaha bhetiyela keeping as #1 forever……………..

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