Mukhauta sequel announced in spite of the movie’s failure in theater

‘Mukhauta’ producer Rabin Shrestha has announced the sequel of the movie ‘Mukhauta 2’. Althought the movie released on June 13 couldn’t win the hearts of the viewers, Reef Entertainment has decided to make the sequel.

mukhauta poster

Based on the publicity and presence of well known actors in the movie, the movie was considered one of the most awaited movie. But, low turn in of the viewers in the theater came as a surprise. Negative reviews added in the failure of the movie.

Although the film maker accuse FIFA World Cup of stealing the viewers, film reviewers think it was more than the World Cup that contributed to the failure of the movie. We also discussed why the movie might have failed. Making a sequel of loss-making movie might not make sense to many but, it was planned from the beginning. The open-ended movie was made to complement with a sequel.

In a statement in Facebook, Rabin Shrestha had told that the date and the artists of the sequel is not decided yet. He told that the team had tried to create a different experience in Nepali movie industry.

We hope the decision of the producer is not a ‘Murkhata’ as told by ‘Rajatpat host’. All the best Rabin Shrestha and Reef Entertainment!

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