Bad timing of ‘Mukhauta’ release, World Cup stole the charm

Multi-starrer, huge publicity, big red-carpet premier – all these things didn’t help viewers to go to the theater to watch the movie ‘Mukhauta’. One of the most plausible reason – the date of the release and the start of once-in-four-years, FIFA World Cup happened at the same time.

chadke and mukhata poster compared

The movie release date’s two weeks delay has been bad omen for the movie. In a report, the first day of release occupancy was only 30 percent. The reason a movie featuring well known artists like , Rabin Tamang, Sunil Thapa, Nisha Adhikari wasn’t attractive to the audience might be more than just the World Cup.

Let’s analyze some of the reasons the movie doesn’t seem attractive:

  • The World Cup schedule – The games are scheduled at night-time in Nepal. There is enough excitement and entertainment at home so, they are not motivated to visit theaters.
  • Lack of catchy music in the movie. Music does play a role in attracting people to theaters.
  • The posters and promo give a hint that it is similar to another movie, a flop one – ‘Chhadke’. When comparing the two posters, I can see they are similarly crowded and are made on similar design theme.
  • The trailer (promo) and poster focuses more in faces than in plot. As a viewer, you have no clue what the movie is about. There is nothing that motivates a viewer to watch more of the trailer.

Disclaimer: This is just my analysis. I haven’t watched the movie and I had received the report of low occupancy through third parties.

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