Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai in honeymoon trip to Pokhara (Photos)

UPDATE (June 25) – more photos are added at the end of the post:

After getting married, was pretty busy in programs in Australia and now, he had found time to spend quality time with his new wife, Madhu Bhattarai.

A photo slideshow of the honeymoon trip photos of Rajesh Hamal:

The new couple has headed towards the beautiful city, Pokhara on Tuesday, June 24. Hamal also shared a selfie of the two in the airplane in his Facebook.

rajesh hamal and madhu bhattarai - pokhara

Photo: Rajesh Hamal shared the “First selfie with Madhu”

Hamal hasn’t told anything about where they are staying or their other travel plans.

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Tathashtu shooting starts, Rekha Thapa to lead

The shooting of upcoming movie of Shabir Shrestha, ‘Tathastu’ has started in MaHa Studio in Budhanilakantha. The movie is featuring actress Rekha Thapa in leading role. With Rekha, Kishor Khatiwada, Subash Thapa and Bigyan Joshi (new face) are going to be featured in leading roles in the movie. Shabir had announced the movie earlier this year.

rekha thapa in tathastu 1

Shabir Shrestha had worked in Rekha Films movies like ‘Kasle Choryo Mero Man’  and ‘Kali‘. This time, Shabir is producing ‘Tathashtu’ himself. The movie features the action of Roshan Shrestha, choreography of Ramji Lamichane and Kabiraj Gahatraj. Basanta Sapkota is the music composer, Babu Shrestha is behind camera, and Jagadishowr Thapa has written the script.

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Mukhauta sequel announced in spite of the movie’s failure in theater

‘Mukhauta’ producer Rabin Shrestha has announced the sequel of the movie ‘Mukhauta 2’. Althought the movie released on June 13 couldn’t win the hearts of the viewers, Reef Entertainment has decided to make the sequel.

mukhauta poster

Based on the publicity and presence of well known actors in the movie, the movie was considered one of the most awaited movie. But, low turn in of the viewers in the theater came as a surprise. Negative reviews added in the failure of the movie.

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