Namrata and Aryan to do Homework

Gopi Krishna Movies announced a new movie titled ‘Homework’ featuring actors like Namrata Shrestha, Aryan Sigdel, and Bijaya Lama. The movie to be directed by Nirak Poudel, the son of Gopi Krishna Movies owner Uddav Poudyal, will feature Aryan Sigdel in a new looks – an aged man.

gopi krishna movies film announcement

A press meet was organized on Tuesday, December 16, to announce the movie. In the event five more movies to be produced by the company were also announced. ‘Homework’ will be the first of them to go on floor. In the movie, Purushottam Pradhan will be the cinematographer, Chandra Pant will direct the action, choreography will be done by Kabiraj Gahatraj and Taraprakash Limbu will compose the music. The lyrics of the movie are written by Krishnahari Baral and story by Shivam Adhikari.

In one of the seven movies to be produced by Gopi Krishna Movies in 2015, actress Karishma Manandhar will also be the producer. ‘Moun’ director, Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar is going to direct the unnamed movie.

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  1. Would love to be able to watch the movie not just the trailer…….my son is in the movie as a foreigner…..

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