Namrata Shrestha and You Hike They Rise campaign ask tourists to visit Nepal

Nepali actress Namrata Shrestha is promoting the #YouHikeTheyRise campaign to promote tourism in Nepal. After the earthquake of April 25, there are still confusion about the safety of travel to Nepal. To break these confusions, the campaign is promoting the facts that:

  • 65 out of 75 districts in Nepal have no earthquake effect.
  • 9 out of 10 national parks are open.
  • 33 out of 35 trekking routes are open for exploration.
  • 5 out of 8 UNESCO heritages are still enchanting their beauty.
  • 90% highways are intact.
  • All the international and domestic airports are in operation.

Video statements:

Namrata says, “I am hiking, what about you?”

namrata shrestha you hike they rise

In a photo she shared, Namrata is posing with actors Barun Rana and Nikun Shrestha in the T-shirts with #YouHikeTheyRise written on them.

In a video statement, Nikun Shrestha (DJ Phuchey) says, “Since 40% of Nepalese population are directly or indirectly depended on tourism – this is the must.”

Actor Raymon Das Shrestha says, ” we are still suffering but, you can help by visiting Nepal.” Raymon is featured in movies like ‘Megha’ and ‘Visa Girl’ (watch ‘Visa Girl’ here)

The campaign is targeted in bringing in more tourist and let the tourism business thrive. As much as 40 percent of the local business is said to be directly or indirectly dependent on tourism.

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