Namrata Shrestha distributes relief materials in Kalthari

With earthquake relief materials, relief volunteer team of actress Namrata Shrestha has reached a place called Kalthari, a few hours from Barhabise.

An interview of a local about the situation by Namrata Shrestha herself:

The road to the place was blocked by the landslide caused by earthquake. Reaching the place was a tough task but the team reached there and also managed to provide medical assistance. The locals in the area had complained that no government officials of anybody else had reached the place in a week of the earthquake.

Tents were the priority of the place. They distributed tents, food, clothes and blankets. As the truck couldn’t reach there, they had to carry the materials with the help o the locals.

Namrata writes:

He had a soft smile when he saw us with tents and doctor. Karthali was the place where people lost shelter and lives too. Bikes and walking is the only means to reach there.

Actress Namrata had been quite actively participating in the earthquake relief effort. She had donated blood for the first time in her life for earthquake victims and she had also travelled to Sukutey to help the locals.

Other artists have also teamed up with WHO and Health ministry to create awareness and distribute relief materials.

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