Namrata Shrestha’s latest interview

namrata_shrestha_interview Namrata Shrestha, one of the top model/actress, told that she is currently preparing herself to act on a movie based on a drug addict. She was talking to a journalist of in her latest interview (video attached below).

The interview probably is the first such public appearance of Namrata after the release of a sex scandal video in September 2009. The scandal however wasn’t mentioned in the interview.

Namrata has proven her acting talent in the movies Sano Sansar and Mero Euta Saathi Chha. Many of the film industry personnel and the film viewers do not want to loose such a talented actress because of a stupid video that was released accidently. The interview seems to be the first step towards the re-establishment of Namrata’s acting career. Previously, she was also rumored to host the KTV film award show, but she didn’t showed up in the event.

It is good sign that Namrata has taken steps to fight the traditional bottle-neck in our society. She has shown signs that she can be a role model (except for the scandal part) for the future generation.

In summary, in the interview, Namrata credits movie script for her success. She also told that she devotes herself to a single movie in a year such that she can justify the role she plays. Apart from her acting career she also wants to be a child psychologist and is planning to join Masters program in psychology.

We would like to wish all the best for success in her studies and her acting career.

Last time, I talked about how education deprived our Nepali film industry is. Yes, we do need such courageous, literate, and dedicated actress in our movie industry. We can afford to forget and forgive a few mistakes… don’t we ?

13 thoughts on “Namrata Shrestha’s latest interview

  1. Namrata is one of d best actress in nepal which she proved through her recent two films, so, she deserves to be in media.

    so, i think that u f***ing noobs should keep out of her business

    d*** heads

  2. i really dont care about video. i respect namarata and i still do. whats the big deal in having sex. i didnt find anything offensive or out of character in the video.So now the video is public, enjoy it people, dont make a big deal out of it. and people, have some respect for the talented model and actress like namrata, because she deserves it.

  3. i really agree with anuj ji, ur the only beautiful model but u don’t have a sense of humar. U make feel shy to all nepali people aswell

  4. wo wo wait guys cool down
    c is most prity girl in hole nepal
    doman dont tell he that stupied thing man common guys
    i love her n is my fans from my childwood alright
    u guys got a stop saying that nesty thing ti my fans
    ok n is most famous in nepal rit now
    dont care about that da fuck journlist publicize on news papaer about her
    taht fucking nepal journlist publicize a bad thing about her
    alright n let u tell u something u all guys
    did u hard how c speak english in one nepali movies i love it llke an amrican steyal
    n did u guys find any ugly bitches nepali acctress speak english in nepali movies
    no guys there isno way no is educated in nepali accterss
    c is the only one who is perfect in ever where alright

  5. She proves to be one of the disgusting and sick person. She being the responsible person shouldn’t behave in this manner. In spite of her boyfriend, she had a sex with the another person. How unfaithful and dirty gal she is? Its good to have sex but in price of the career and one self respect…?? Oops no way!! Anyway enjoy sex Babe!!

  6. for the f**ks sake will media stop sympathizing this p**n actress (home made)
    is there not any other talented gal in this country ??
    why do we need to know abt her…we got plenty more beautiful n talented people who deserves to be known for GOOD reasons than sex video..simple.!!

  7. Of course , it is the lesson to all Nepali world and Namrata herself as well. I am very glad to know that she is back to Film Industry ignoring criticism and discouragement. Now I really proud to Namrata that she has good confident, optimistic and straight forwardness . She has proved that she is a girl of 21st century. Again you accelerate your efforts to your goal of the life. I always give you best wishes for the further glorious success .

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