Nepal featured in Google's Interactive Holiday Doodle

Google homepage featured an interactive holiday Doodle (Google Logo) from December 23 through December 25. The logo features 17 illustrations of scenes of peace, joy and beauty around the world. When mouse is moved over the small picture, it expands and a click takes to Google search page explaining that particular context.


What made this interactive logo special to Nepali all over the world is that, one of the 17 illustration represented Nepal. The painting shows three ladies laughing in front of a structure that looks like a Stupa. A click on that picture takes to the Google search page for Nepal

This is not the only interactive logo Google has used. In the past, Bouncing Ball logo and, Pacman logo were tow of them most talked about interactive Google Doodles.


To construct the unique logo, Micheal Lopez, the chief doodler and his team of four artists took around 250 hours.

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