Nepali actor in Hollywood wins Best Leading Actor award

Nepali actor in Hollywood, Jaswant Dev Shrestha, has won the Best Leading Actor award in the Accolade Global Film Competition. The award was awarded to Shrestha for his role in the short film, ‘The Treason’. In addition to the best actor award he was also awarded Award of Merit for script writing.

jashwant dev shrestha awards

Those were awards in addition to a number of awards other film festivals including:

  • Winner of Best Actor in Leading Role in Blissfest333 Film Featival 2014, Denver, Colorado
  • Winner of Best Audience Award in Blissfest333 Film Featival 2014, Denver, Colorado
  • Winner of Best Audience Award in New York International Independent Film festival, 2013

Accolade Global Film Competition recognizes the new talents in movies and television who demonstrate extraordinary achievements in art and creativity. After winning the award Shrestha has gained new heights in film industry.

Who is Jaswant Das Shrestha ?

Jaswant Das Shrestha was born in Lalitpur in 1975. Driven by his desire and love for acting, Jaswant started acting training in Mumbai in 1992. In 1999 he was the assistant director of in Hindi movie ‘Hum Saath Saath’.

In 2000, he was the assistant director of movie ‘Daman’. The Indian actress Raveena Tandon had won the National Award for her role in ‘Daman’. In 2000, Jaswant returned back to Nepal and started producing music video and television program. He made a documentary titled ‘Sworga Jasto Manang’ in 2002/05. The documentary was successful in winning the Best Documentary award in New York Film Festival. In 2008/11 he made “Mustang: Secret Windows the Himalaya”.

In 2011 he went to Hollywood and was selected as the member of Screen Star Guild within 6-months of his arrival in the USA. In 2015 Jaswant was featured in an official advertisement of Facebook – ‘The First Date’.

Jashwant is also one of the producers of the movie featuring Raj Ballav Koirala, ‘Highway to Dhumpus’.

xNepali team congratulates Jawhwant Dev Shrestha for the achievement and wish him more success in coming days.

jashwant dev shrestha

Jaswant’s Facebook ad. video:

First Date

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