Nepali artists' favorite destination to get lost – US and Japan


Ranjana Sharma – got lost in the US?

In a latest news, onlinekhabar reports that Ranjana Sharma has gone in hiding in the US. She was in the US for a series of cultural programs organized by Nepali Society, Artist Fourm, America Nepal Chautari, Dharan America Society and other Nepali societies there. The program named "Nameste America" featured other artists like Anju Panta, Jagdish Samal, Manoj Raj Sewa, Tasi Himgyap etc. Ranjana is known to be bold in exposure in Nepali cinema.

Going to the US for cultural program and stay there illegally has been quite common for Nepali artists. In this contest I would like to analyze this trend:


How do Nepali actor/actress go to the foreign land and stay there illegally?

  • Gauri Malla went to Japan for medical treatment and didn’t return from there for some time.
  • Hemanta Budathoki was one of the Nepali movie ‘Bhrikuti’ shooting team who didn’t return back after shooting in Japan. The movie was only planned for taking those people to Japan who paid 5 lakh each.
  • Gagan Birahi did the same thing to take artists to Japan.
  • When Japan Embassy tried to stop them, Gagan took a team to US and got lost there. He also took Saranga and never came back to Nepal.
  • The director of never-made-movie ‘Bhrikuti’, Udaysingh Bohora, took another team to Norwey in which Melina Manandar, Ishowr Thapa etc. and the movie named "Rikshawpuller" was also never made. Sixteen people from the team didn’t come back.
  • Another director Anil Sangraula’s similar plan failed and had to go to jail when people whom he took money from, complained.
  • Raja Ram Poudel – couldn’t get the status in the US and returned back, Karishma Manandhar are also in Nepal these days.
  • Among Japan returns – Rupa Rana, Hamanta Budhathoki, Bijaya Giri, Bina Budhathoki (was recently seen in Nepal).
  • Still in US – Narayan Tripathi, Puja Chand, Ramesh Upreti, Jal Shah, Saranga Shrestha, Saroj Khanal, Kiran Pratap KC, Sudhanshu Joshi, Harikrishna Shiwakoti, Anupama Prasai, Sabitri Shah, Suresh Marahatta, Sajja Mainali, Ratan Subedi, Subarna Chhetri, Prem Raja Mahat, Sudip Giri, Karna Das, Mohan Bhusal, Srijan Tamrakar, Anish Dahal, Sanjiv Pradhan, Raju Lama, Sapana Shree, Dipesh Kishor Bhattarai, Sanjip Pradhan, Sarishma Amatya, Harish Mathema, Saroj Dutta, Mohan Bhusal, Kanhaya Singh and so on. Rupa Upadhaya and Saranga Shrestha have married the US citizen to get the status there.
  • From the team that went to the US to show ‘Malati Mangale’, nine artists never came back. All the artists including Laxmi Shrestha and Krishna Murari Dhungel were the permanent job holder of a government body, Sanskritik Sanstan.
  • Popular folk singer Khemraj Gurung has moved to Hong Kong.

This list doesn’t include many more such actors and actress. Apart from the people in entertainment industry, various scientists, engineers, sports person also don’t go back after they arrive in the developed countries.

Who is to blame for such trend ?

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