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The following list of links feature Nepali model, actress, and singer, Pooja Lama in various stages after the release of her sex scandal. In the short time she got married, separated, gone to middle east, and has transformed herself from Buddhist to Muslim.

But, this is only a small part of her life after October of 2009.

A similar list can be created for the life of Pooja Lama before 2009.

Pooja got married at 18. She gave birth to a son and got separated from the first husband.

Then Pooja fell in love with Dinesh DC. Dinesh was previously married and he didn’t want to marry Pooja. She also tried killing herself when the love affair turned sour.

Pooja got famous for posing topless photos in a fashion website, cybersansar – one of the first such attempts of any Nepali models. Such photo session was rare at that time and that created a lot of commotion.

Pooja also started a three-member music band. They produced some albums and also did concerts. Her music career however didn’t go well.

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  1. islam is a special favor of god. hope, her family and friends support her and let her live her life as she has chosen. our god is only one creator god, he is most gracious and most merciful and there is non comparable to him. we can find him everywhere: in the creation of heavens and the earth; in the alteration of the night and day; in the sailing of the ships through the ocean; in the rains from the skies, and the life which he gives to the dead earth; in the living beings whom he scatters through the earth; in the change of winds and the clouds…. these are indeed are signs for people who have common sense.. now this sister pooja is as innocent as a new born baby. lets pray for her and others who have not yet received that special favor of god i.e. islam. (please dont argue with people who has not yet received that special favor. thanks.)

  2. MashAllah, subhanAllah welcome sister, and i thank The Allmighty Allah that guided you to the only option for everything, and may Allah keep you firm on your path in islam and may many come to islam through your daw’ah sister Amna, Allahu Akbar!!!!!

    • mashAllah welcome sister Amna, welcome to your brothers and sisters in islam, the worlds biggest family!

  3. I’m very very happy to hear that respectable Pooja Lama has embraced Islam and will be called now Amna Faruki onward. I congradulate my dear sister for finding the right path by the grace of God. May God guide her and give her courage to keep it up with the help of God. My all prayers are for my sister Amna Faruki. May God give you all the successes of this life and the life hereafter. Aameen. Allah Hafiz

  4. If by embracing Islam, Amna Faruki seeks to find peace, tranquility and solace in a life that has so far been fraught with make-belief popularity and glamor, and drugs and scandals, then she has made the right choice. It was clear that her previous religion did not help her, nor would crisis-ridden Christianity as it now is.
    But to be a good Muslim, even to sustain her new neatly-woven and structured faith that comes from the Creator himself, she has to actively start learning it. In this respect, I pray for her to be led by a good Muslim husband who cares for her as a humble servant of God.

  5. pooja G,bastra,sthan,khan pan,nam paribartan garna jaruri 6ena ni.charitra acharan paribartan vaya sab paribartan hunn6.bastav ma tapai.dharma paribartan gare vannu hun6ani tiyo dharma hoena to ta kebal auta bhid matra ho.tapai lai buddhism le galat banayako hoena.aba ma dharma paribartan garera sahi kam gare vanna kholnu chahi dhong matra ho.dharam le manish lae kahi le pani galat sikshya didaenan.tapae le buddism ko sahi sikshya lina saknu vayana.to tapae ko kam jori ho..

  6. Dharma change gardaima, tiro vitra ko man ra sarir, ragat change hudaina Puja ji. Timle muslim dharma ma gayera jhan 1 jana ku-charitra vayeko muslim thapidiyou. HIndu ra Bauda dharma ta timi jasti charitrahin le basna suhaudaina. Chittainai 1 jana muslim keta ra timro scandle herna pau. I can’t wait to see. hahahhaha. sorry for poor Puja. Yastai chha yaha ko chhalan.

    • Hello miss or whatever ! I didn’t changed my religion to prove my character! I was a very good girl far better than u all! Yes I use to wear glamorous outfits because I was into that proffesion,and I’m not the first one in this world or in nepal who is sexy n glamorous,may u also are a sexy person yourself!but who cares! Because u r not a celebrity as I was may be u r a very bad and cheap person only u know n god knows it! Because know one cares about you all I want to say is -I was very good I am good and, I will be always gud because dats my character ! Let the dog bark, it won’t harm a lion I am far better than u all dirty ppl cheaters!

  7. pooja nakkali ko bivinna natak kun chahi musulte sita salkera nepal ferkeki pooja abo yesle j pani vanchha mafai chha bichari lai dheraile fasayo k garne

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