Pooja Lama – Profile

The following list of links feature Nepali model, actress, and singer, Pooja Lama in various stages after the release of her sex scandal. In the short time she got married, separated, gone to middle east, and has transformed herself from Buddhist to Muslim.

But, this is only a small part of her life after October of 2009.

A similar list can be created for the life of Pooja Lama before 2009.

Pooja got married at 18. She gave birth to a son and got separated from the first husband.

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Nepali artists' favorite destination to get lost – US and Japan


Ranjana Sharma – got lost in the US?

In a latest news, onlinekhabar reports that Ranjana Sharma has gone in hiding in the US. She was in the US for a series of cultural programs organized by Nepali Society, Artist Fourm, America Nepal Chautari, Dharan America Society and other Nepali societies there. The program named "Nameste America" featured other artists like Anju Panta, Jagdish Samal, Manoj Raj Sewa, Tasi Himgyap etc. Ranjana is known to be bold in exposure in Nepali cinema.

Going to the US for cultural program and stay there illegally has been quite common for Nepali artists. In this contest I would like to analyze this trend:

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Gurung Movie – Ngai Nagho (Mero Bhagya with Nepali subtitles)

Gurung Film with Nepali Subtitles

Munal Films presents
Gurung Film – Ngai Nagho (Mero Bhagya)
Casting: Gaman Gurung, Bashanti Gurung, Sanam Gurung, Sabina Gurung, Netra Gurung, Tina Gurung etc.
Story – Maotse Gurung
Director – Bhoj Bahadur Gurung

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