Nepali Beauty Contests in USA, Australia, UK and Hong Kong

There are a lot of beauty contests held in Nepal. The trend has extended beyond the Nepali border as Nepali people settle in various countries in the world. Beauty contests are held among young girls.

Popularity of Beauty Contest

Most of these beauty contests are held for the personality development and starting career in entertainment industry. The sudden rise in the number of beauty contests in Nepal can be attributed to the business aspect of the contests. These contests are usually held by training institutes, education institutes, and event managers. They train young girls and test their qualification by organizing the contests. It has also become a platform for young girls in various stages of their lives. For example, there used to be a beauty contest among girls appearing in SLC examination – Miss SLC. Similarly Miss College, Miss Plus Two were also held.

As Nepali people migrate to other countries and their children grow young, similar trend has also started in foreign countries. Beauty contests among Nepali girls in foreign countries are:

  • Miss US Nepal
  • Miss Australia Nepal
  • Miss UK Nepal
  • Miss Hong Kong Nepal

The distribution of beauty contests among Nepali girls in foreign countries are held in countries that host a lot of Nepali people on permanent basis. These countries are India, USA, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong.

The countries where Nepali people go to work – like Middle Eastern countries, Malaysia and Korea don’t have such contests because the Nepali people in those countries are mostly single and male.

Nepali Beauty contest in US

It is not so easy to organize such contests in bigger countries where the Nepali population is distributed in a large area. That was the reason such contest in USA hasn’t been that easy. In that aspect, although there are a lot less Nepali people in Hong Kong when compared to USA, it is easy for them to meet each other. UK is also relatively smaller. So, beauty contests among Nepali girls in those countries are held relatively frequently. Based on this fact, Nepali people in USA tried to do regional beauty contest. In 2015, Miss Nepal California was held among the Nepali girls living in California state.

Another beauty contest, Miss Bhutan USA, was also held among the Nepali speaking community residing in the USA.

The major beauty contest among Nepali girls in the USA – Miss Nepal US beauty contest started in 2011. But, after 2015, it wasn’t held in 2016 and 2017. Now, the sixth edition of the contest is going to be held soon (read the call for application post).

Another organization, American Nepalese Association (ANA) has also been holding contest among Nepali young girls and boys. ANA Fashion Extravaganza started in 2008 but, it hasn’t been regularly.

Miss Nepal California – first and the only winner:

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