85 crore to be spent on a Nepali film ?

A movie named ‘Red Waistcoat’ is registered for production in the Film Development Board to be produced under Sagun Films by producer Rajendra Tripathi. What made this movie special is the budget. The estimated cost of the production of the movie is 10 million Australian dollar, that is about 85 crore in Nepalese rupees.

In an agreement with the director, Manoj Pandit, he will receive a huge sum, Rs 4,75,000 for his contribution to the movie. Pandit told that Tripathi had proposed him for the movie in Shrawan. But, at that time he was busy directing ‘Badshala’.

Pandit told that he has known Tripathi for the last 6 years. So far, Tripathi hasn’t provided the script and told that the movie is to be made on a story of vest (Bhoto) of Rato Machhindranath and it’s theft. Waiting for the script, Pandit is yet to give the consent for the direction. It’s odd how can Tripathi fail to produce script when he has already planned shooting in Australia, Canada and America.

Based on the registration of the the movie Tripathi had applied for visa for the shooting of the movie in Australia and the Australian Embassy had inquired about the registration to the board. Pandit said that the board should have done a background check before the approval of the registration.

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