Nepali Movie – Agni

Nepali movie – Agni
Starring – Dilip Raimajhi, Jeevan Limbu, Rama Limbu, Ram Krishna Neupane, Bhim Kerung, Udaya Subba, Sanjay Neupane
Director – Uday Subba

About ‘Agni’

The movie by Jay Shree Budha Subba Films ‘Agni’ was released on December 11, 2015. The action movie is presented by Bhupendra Lingden (Mantri). The movie features the music of Bikash Chaudahary, choreography by Gyanu Subba, and produced by Madan Kumar Engnam and Dil Prakash Yaksa. The lyrics in the movie are written by Uday Subba and Sabina KC. The playback singers are Badal Limbu, Juna Prasai, Bikash Chaudhari, Debit Shankar, Ranjit Kumar Sahani, and Yani Sharma. The background score is prepared by Samrat Thapa, and action by Ram Janak. The editor is Deepak Lama.

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Credit – Highlights Nepal

‘Agni’ Star Cast

The movie features well known actor Dilip Raimajhi, and the director Udaya Subba. Other actors are not that well known in the Nepali movie industry. Dilip had left Nepal and had moved permanently with his family to the USA, last year.

Biography of Dilip Rayamajhi and the list of movies featuring Dilip Rayamajhi:

Poster of ‘Agni’

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