Nepali Movie – Bhool Bhulaiyaa

bhool bhulaiyaa nepali movieNepali Movie – Bhool Bhulaiyaa
StarringJiwan Luitel, Neeta Dhungana, Sohit Mahandar etc.
Director – Yogesh Ghimire

The Nepali movie ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ released in 2015 was one of the hot movies of 2015. A presentation of Arush International is produced  in association with Angel Movies, Australia and presented by Dinesh Kumar Pokharel.  The movie features the music of Basanta Sapkota, choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj, camera by Babu Shrestha, editing by Banish Shah, written by Shivam Adhikari, adviser is Bikash Acharya.

Watch the full movie in a single part:

Star Cast:

Jiwan Luitel – The actor Jiwan Luitel is also a poet. He has published a poem collection titled ‘Nayak’. The actor’s new movie ‘Refuge’ was released in theater today (on January 29).

Neeta Dhungana – Actress Neeta Dhungana is also known as Gala Ratai girl after her hit previous hit movies. Neeta’s ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai’ is also releasing next month. Read the profile and list of her movies in the following link:

neeta dhungana film

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