Nepali Movie – Chandrawati (pre-release review)

Nepali movie ‘Chandrawati’ is releasing on  November 30, 2012. The movie directed by Raju Giri features , Aayush Rijal, and Sashi Khadka in leading roles. The movie features the cinematography of Kumar Bakhati, fight direction of Roshan Shrestha , music direction of Arjun Pokharel, choreography of Shiva Sharma, editing of Washim Shah, and script of Pradeep Bhatta.


Crew Background

The movie features superstar Rajesh Hamal and Aayush Rijal in main roles. Actress Shashi Khadka made news when she accused the director Raju Giri of tricking her to film her nudes. The film crew had tough time gathering its artists for promotion of the movie.

Raju Giri’s previous movies were also dragged into controversy. It seems his actresses don’t like him. In ‘Bindass’ he had problem with Sushma Karki and was later patched. In this movie he had problem with the actress Sashi Khadka. In his next project ‘Rakshya’ Raju Giri has featured actress Poojana Pradhan in a much sexier role than she is used to these days.

Movie and media response

The movie was made on a historical story of warriors and love story. The movie was shot before sex started becoming the new trend in Nepali movie industry with the success of ‘Chapali Height’. Previously an ‘A’ mark from censor board used to be considered bad. But, the ‘A’ ratings became more desirable in later time. It was rumored that the director added some sex scenes later to get an ‘A’ rating. That was the main reason of misunderstanding between the actress and the director.

Media has covered about the incidents. But, such media coverage might not be that helpful in the promotion of the movie. Lack of the lead actors in promotion team of the movie is expected to backfire in the initial turn out in the theater.

‘Chandrawati’ promo videos:

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