Nepali Movie – Fitkiree

Nepali Film – Fitkiree
StarringSaugat Malla, Diya Maskey, Nischal Basnet, Anup Baral etc.
Director – Anup Baral

The film ‘Fitkiree’ is the debut movie of Anup Baral as a director. The film written by Yangesh is categories as a crime thriller film. The director Anup Baral married actress Diya Maskey after the release of the film. The film is a presentation of Mega Entertainment.

Full movie in single part:

Upload credit – Hi Tech Entertainment

The life of loyal and hard-working police inspector Jeevan Jung Thapa (Saugat Malla) is turned upside down when he faced a road construction case. While searching for the person behind the kidnapping of a businessman led him to the clue to the issue. The crime story film shows the traffic problem and increased number of crimes in the capital city, Kathmandu.

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