Nepali movie – Hifajat (2010)

Nepali movie – Hifajat
StarringRekha Thapa, Aryan Sigdel, Nir Shah, Aayush Rijal, Bijaya Deuja, Kamal Krishna Poudel etc.
DirectorGyanendra Deuja

Nepali movie ‘Hifajat’ is Rekha Films’ fourth movie and a presentation of Guna Cinema. The movie introduces a new face in the Nepali film industry, Aayush Rijal. The posters of the film were the photoshop copy of an English film.

PLOT – Kirti (Rekha Thapa) is a spoiled brat, estranged from her rich businessman father. The courageous girl likes to create trouble in her college, but she is also a loving friend. Kriti rebels when her father hires Arjun (Aayush Regmi), an ex-army tough-guy, as a bodyguard. To protest she made a charming thier, Aryan (Aryan Sigdel), a friend. Aryan has a secret of his own. Because of Aryan’s secret motives, he betrayed Kriti and leaves her in danger.

Arjun vows to take care of Kriti until she is reunited with Aryan, Kriti’s love-of-life. The road to the true love is filled with dangers, and twists and turns. The path ultimately challenges Kriti’s views of what the life and love is.

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