Rajesh Hamal – A woman claims to be his wife

UPDATE: It seems it was a false alarm and the woman wanted to get limelight by connecting herself to Rajesh Hamal.  Rajesh Hamal’s assistant Acharya had told that the family members of Bal Kumari had called Hamal to say sorry for the incident. Hamal says that he had never known the woman or anybody in her family. It is likely that Bal Kumari has mental problem. (Bal Kumari’s photo and the original article follows)


A police Hawaldar, Bal Kumari Adhikari of Jyotinagar, Chitwan has claimed to have married the actor in 2050 BS. The woman has also claimed that Hamal is the father of three of her children.


Adhikari tried to submit a complaint against Rajesh Hamal for not accepting her as a wife to the Kathmandu police office, Hanumandhoka. The office refused to accept the complaint and suggested her to submit the complaint to the District Administrative Office (DAO).

After knowing about the woman and the accusation, Hamal sent his assistant Chirajivi Acharya to the police office. Hamal previously had told about his affair with an unknown girl and his plan to get married soon. There was also a news about Hamal postponing his marriage on the suggestion of a young astrologer.

rajesh dai_Sumina Ghimire_3

Hamal’s assistant Acharya has suspected that the woman might be mentally ill.

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