Nepali Movie – Himmatwali

Nepali Movie – Himmatwali
StarringRekha Thapa, Sudarshan Gautam, Abhaya Chand, Deepak Oli, Puskar Bhata etc.
Director – Rekha Thapa

The first movie of actress Rekha Thapa as a director, ‘Himmatwali‘ was  a hit movie. In addition to directing Rekha has also written the story and produced the movie. Her mother, Saraswati Thapa is named the producer of the movie. The movie features the music of Basanta Sapkota, Camera by Ramsharan Upreti. Rekha has thanked Dhermendra Marbeita (FDB chief at that time) and Shabir Shrestha at the start of the movie. New presentation in the movie are Sudarshan Gautam and Rabin Hood Sen

Watch the full movie in single part:

upload credit Budha Subba

himmatwali poster 2

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  1. नेपाली फिल्म नेपालमा नचल्ने upload गरेर के बाराक ‌ओबामाले हेर्छु यो झण्डु फिल्म गजव छ यार । नेपाली फिल्म नेपालमा नचल्ने ।

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