Nepali Movie – Himmatwali

Nepali Movie – Himmatwali
StarringRekha Thapa, Sudarshan Gautam, Abhaya Chand, Deepak Oli, Puskar Bhata etc.
Director – Rekha Thapa

The first movie of actress Rekha Thapa as a director, ‘Himmatwali‘ was  a hit movie. In addition to directing Rekha has also written the story and produced the movie. Her mother, Saraswati Thapa is named the producer of the movie. The movie features the music of Basanta Sapkota, Camera by Ramsharan Upreti. Rekha has thanked Dhermendra Marbeita (FDB chief at that time) and Shabir Shrestha at the start of the movie. New presentation in the movie are Sudarshan Gautam and Rabin Hood Sen

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Nepali Movie – Saurya

Nepali Film – Saurya – Rise of Hero
Starring, Saugat Malla, Hema Shrestha, Anup Bikram Shahi, Ravi Basnet, Puskar Bhatt etc.
Director – Markanday Dipbim Basnet

The action movie by Hakim Entertaimnet, ‘Saurya’ with sub-title Rise of Hero is a 2.5 hours long movie. The movie features the screenplay of Subash Singh Basnet / Markanday Dipbim Basnet, cinematography of Rameshowr Karki, Editing of Chandra Dutta / Bishal Koirala, action of Shankar Maharjan and produced by Surendra Gurung ‘Hakim’. The movie is the debut movie of Hema Shrestha (Hema Shrestha profile in NepaliActress) and Anup Bikram Shahi.

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Nepali Movie – Zanjeer (Bhojpuri)

Bhojpuri Movie – Zanjeer
Starring, Biraj Bhatt, Rekha Thapa, Suvekshya Thapa, Manoj Narayana, Puskar Bhatt etc.
Guest artists – Ranju Lamichhane, Rejina Upreti
Writer, Director – Manoj Naryana

The attached movie is in Bhojpuri language. It was also released in Nepali language by the name ‘Zanjeer’.  The movie is the presentation of Rajendra Films production.

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Dashain celebration of Nepali artists, celebrities

Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal. The festival is known for meeting family members, eating, playing and enjoying.

A lot of Nepali are working in foreign land and they can’t go back home in the festival, so some Nepali artists have gone to the foreign lands to make the foreign bound Nepali at home. Our friends at have compiled a list of artist currently participating in various cultural programs abroad. Those celebrities had sacrificed their own festive needs for the entertainment of other fellow Nepali living abroad.

Today, we have compiled some pictorial presentation of Nepali artists celebrating the festival.

Actress Keki Adhikari also celebrated Dashain with her family:

The top actress in Nepali movie industry Rekha Thapa has celebrated Dashain with her ex-husband and the executive producer of ‘Kali‘, Chhabi Raj Ojha and the lead actor of ‘Kali’ Kishor Khatiwada.

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Nepali Movie – Maya Deu Jhai Bho

Nepali Movie – Maya Deu Jhai Bho
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Binay Anand, Poojana Stri (Poojana Pradhan), Sonali Johsi, Sushil Singh, Liladhar Neupana, Sunita Sharma, Puskar Bhatt etc.
Story, Script – Santosh Mishra
Director – Nirmal KC

Nepali movie ‘Maya Deu Jhai Bho’ is the presentation of Darshana Arts and it was released in both Nepali language and Bhojpuri language. The movie is presented by Deepak Adhikari (Gangaprasad).

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Biraj Bhatt’s Maya Diu Jhai Bho releasing in Nepali and Bhojpuri

Because of his popularity in Bhojpuri movies, actor Biraj Bhatt hasn’t done many Nepali Nepali movies these days. A new movie of Biraj to be released on this Friday is made in both languages -Nepali and Bhojpuri. The movie made in a budget of IRs. 15 million features a story of love, action and family.

The movie made under Darshana Arts banner is directed by Nirmal KC. With Biraj Bhatt the movie also features Poojana Pradhan, Sonali Joshi, Puskar Bhatt and Binaya Anand in main roles. The actress Sonali Joshi is a actress of South India and Binaya Anand is a close relative of Bollywood actor Govinda. Apart from featuring Indian actors, the movie is mostly shot in Mumbai. The movie features the music of Suresh Adhikari, choreography of Kanu Mukherji, action of Mojil Kaushal and cinematography of Akram Khan.

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