Nepali movie ‘Hostel’ starts formally

Sunil Rawal’s upcoming movie ‘Hostel’ is officially started on February 8, 2013. After a year-long workshop the movie has finally started in a formal ceremony held in Kamaladi Ganesh temple. The movie will feature a lot of second generation film artists – sons and daughters of well known artists and crew members of Nepali movie industry.

hostel poster

The movie is the second presentation of Sunil Rawal’s Durgish Films. Almost all the casts of the movie are new. The shooting of the movie will start on Falgun 29. Shovit Basnet‘s son Salon Basnet is debuting as the lead actor in the movie. Bhuwan KC‘s son Anmol KC is also one of the leading characters of the movie. The son of actor Tika Pahadi, Gaurav Pahadi will also be seen in the movie. The daughter of Bipana Basnet, a makeup artist in Nepali movie industry, Rista Basnet will also debut in the movie as the lead actress. Similarly, the director Hemraj Chhetri is also debuting as the director in the movie.

The producer Sunil Rawal will also be featured in a special role in the movie. The movie is expected to cost over Rs. 5 millions and is scheduled to release in the first week of June.

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