Nepali Movie – Nothing Impossible

Nepali Movie – Nothing Impossible
StarringRagini Khadgi, Kushal Thapa, Romi Khadgi, Rajendra Khadgi, Rabindra Khadka, Sapana Shrestha, Kushal Thapa etc.
Director – Rajendra Khadgi

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The Nepali movie ‘Nothing Impossible’ was released on July 12, 2013 in theaters all over Nepal. The home production movie of actress Ragini Khadgi and action director Rajendra Khadgi is also the debut movie of Rajendra as a director. After the failure of the movie, Rajendra hasn’t directed the second movie. His daughter Ragini was the assistant director to her father. In addition to Rajendra’s daughter, his grandson Aryan Khadgi is also featured in the movie. The 9-years old the son of Ragini, Aryan, is featured in various action scenes like horse riding, cycling and other dangerous stunts. Ragini is also featured in an item dance in the movie.   Another actress in the movie, Romi Khadgi, is the sister of Ragini. Rajendra’s home production film has mostly his family members featured in a various roles. The movie is produced under R. Rabina Films banner. Ragini is in fact in a special appearance role. Rajendra Khadgi is also in a guest appearance role.

The cinematographer of the movie is Raju KC, the musicians in the movie are Laxman Shesh, Manojraj Bhandari. Suresh Chaudhary is the dance director, Ananta Thapaliya is the editor. The censor board has given a P/G certificate to the movie. Rajendra says that “The film is a complete mixture of drama, sentiments, comedy, suspense and action.” He adds, the movie is based on the 21st century children focusing on child psychology. Through the movie Rajendra has tried to convey that the children these days are kind-hearted, tender, innocent, brilliant and are faster when compared with the children of the earlier generation.

Video credit – Sairam Pictures.

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