Jhola piracy, complaint lodged against Mountain River Films

UPDATE: Sairam Pictures has uploaded the movie in YouTube claiming it to be the official upload. The full movie is available here.

The popular movie ‘Jhola’ was released in YouTube by an unauthorized party. The film production team has lodged a complaint against the owner of Mountain River Films Pvt. Ltd., Chandrakanta Jha, at the Police station, Hanumandhoka. According to the film production team, the company had uploaded the copy of the movie provided to the company for foreign shows.

After the complaint, the police’s attempt to to arrest Jha wasn’t successful as he is currently in New Delhi. The police has already taken control of the computer and other equipment from company’s office at Kalikasthan for investigation.

The film production company has lodged a copyright infringement complaint seeking a sum of Rs. 50 million for the damage caused by the infringement. The movie was liked by the viewers and was successful in winning national and international awards. The production team was planning to re-release the movie in theater in Magh. The second release of the movie on April 24 was halted after the earthquake of April 25. (read xNepali review of ‘Jhola’)

According to a report in an online magazine, the process of the movie’s broadcast in Indian television channel was underway. The movie’s shows in USA, UK, Burama and other countries were also underway at the time of the release in internet.

According to ‘Jhola’ director Yadav Bhattarai, the file provided to Mountain River was had the company’s logo on it. The pirated copy also has the company’s logo in it (attached).

mountain river films - jhola piracy

After the initial upload, the movie had been uploaded by various other users. All these copies had been removed by YouTube after the film makers file complains to YouTube.

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