Nepali movie – Superhit (Binita Baral)

Nepali movie – Superhit
Starring – Binita Baral, Divya Dev, Shisir Rana, Manju Shrestha, Sudam CK, Mahesh Tripathi etc.
Director – Nirajan Pandey

About ‘Superhit’

A presentation of Moviez Infinity Creation and Arjun Thapa, Nepali movie ‘Superhit’ wasn’t as successful as the name suggest. The movie jointly written and directed by Niranjan Pandey, Saurabh Dhakal and actress Beenita Baral (credited for story, dialogue and screenplay). The playback singer in the movie are Sabin Rai, Yuskey KC, Niranjan Pandey, and Suresh Rai, the music director is Suresh Rai. Lyrics in the movie are jointly written by Suresh Rai, Binita Baral, and Niranjan Pandey. Background score by Alish Karki, cinematography by Rupon Poudel and Niraj Kadel, editor of the movie is Niranjan Pandey, and the action by Surya Thokar.

At the time of the release of the movie actress Binita Baral was in the USA. As she had broken up with the production team, she didn’t help in its promotion.

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Chapali Girl Binita Baral found a new boyfriend in the USA

Actress turned – farmer, farmer turned student, student turned writer – Binita Baral has found a new boyfriend. The actress of the super hit movie ‘Chapali Height’, left the film industry to start organic farming after the failure of her second movie ‘Fullstop’. Last year, she got an opportunity to study in the USA and is living in Atlanta for the last one year.

Binita was recently back to Nepal to release her novel, ‘Junio’. The book received a wide publicity and was liked by the readers. During the launch of the book, she had revealed the breakup of her previous relationship and told that she is looking for a new relationship. And, she found a guy, also studying in the USA in a university in Ohio, Tilak Poudel. It’s about 10 hours of drive from the place Binita lives to the place Tilak lives. Tilak and Binita were together recently and they have decided to unveil their relationship status.

Video report:

In an interview with Kantipur daily, Binita also told that they are planning to get married in July of 2017. By that time, Binita will graduate.

Tilak is originally from Syangja and is a PhD student in the USA. Both aged 28 years old, Tilak is two days older than Binita.

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Binita Baral’s relationship history:
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Friday Release – Kaifiyat, Superhit, Bindaas 3 and Kasailai Nabhannu (with trailers)

There are four new Nepali movies being released in theater on Friday, February 5, 2016. It is a huge crowd of Nepali movies in theater. Its going to remain crowded as more new movies are being released in coming days. The movies to release this Friday are ‘Kaifiyat’ with actress Nandita KC in leading role, ‘Superhit’ with actress Binita Baral in lead role, ‘Bindaas 3’ with Suvekshya Thapa in leading role and ‘Kasailai Nabhannu’ features Dinesh Sharma and Aayushma Karki in lead roles. All these movies are believed to be targeted to single screen audience.

friday release feb 5 kaifiyat, bindaas, superhit kasailai nabhannu


The movie directed by Dasharath Giri, ‘Kaifiyat’ features Nandita KC with Shankar Shahi Thakuri and Sajana Thapa. Actress Nandita had told that her role is a suspense in the movie (Nandita is featured in a double role in the movie). She was talking in a press meet to tell about the movie. The music of the movie is expected to attract the viewers to theater.

Listen to the the audio jukebox of ‘Kaifiyat’ here.

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Actress Binita Baral’s Superhit promotion

It’s is unknown if her upcoming movie will be a suprehit, her promotion in the social media is on it’s way to becoming a superhit. The ‘Superhit’ actress Binita Baral has used all she could think of in utilizing the social media to promote the movie. The dating deal and these types of photos will certainly help in creating the buzz about the upcoming movie.

In latest photo shots Binita has greeted her fans with ‘Superhit’ written in parts of her body including her hands and neck. And, Binita looks awesome in these photos. It is reported that Binita will receive 10% of the profit made by the movie.

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Binita Baral takes Superhit promotion to a new height with a dating deal

The controversial actress of ‘Chapali Height‘, Binita Baral is doing everything she can to promote her upcoming movie ‘Superhit’. The latest in the promotion attempt is offering a dating deal to the fan who helps promote her Facebook page.

Binita’s dating offer in Facebook however doesn’t have any concrete terms and conditions. All she has told is, "Share my third film ‘Superhit’. The faster you help ‘Superhit’ reach your friend, the faster you can talk with me." She adds, "You can meet me during the release of the movie, watch the movie together and we can go out together."

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