Friday Release – Kaifiyat, Superhit, Bindaas 3 and Kasailai Nabhannu (with trailers)

There are four new Nepali movies being released in theater on Friday, February 5, 2016. It is a huge crowd of Nepali movies in theater. Its going to remain crowded as more new movies are being released in coming days. The movies to release this Friday are ‘Kaifiyat’ with actress Nandita KC in leading role, ‘Superhit’ with actress Binita Baral in lead role, ‘Bindaas 3’ with Suvekshya Thapa in leading role and ‘Kasailai Nabhannu’ features Dinesh Sharma and Aayushma Karki in lead roles. All these movies are believed to be targeted to single screen audience.

friday release feb 5 kaifiyat, bindaas, superhit kasailai nabhannu


The movie directed by Dasharath Giri, ‘Kaifiyat’ features Nandita KC with Shankar Shahi Thakuri and Sajana Thapa. Actress Nandita had told that her role is a suspense in the movie (Nandita is featured in a double role in the movie). She was talking in a press meet to tell about the movie. The music of the movie is expected to attract the viewers to theater.

Listen to the the audio jukebox of ‘Kaifiyat’ here.

Watch ‘Kaifiyat’ trailer:

Kasailai Nabhannu

The movie directed by Mandip Rana Magar features Dinesh Sharma, Kishor Khatri, Deshbhakta Khanal and Ayushma Karki in main roles. The movie produced by Sharju Lamichhane and Shivahari Regmi is distributed by Karan Shrestha.

watch the trailer:

Bindaas 3

The third sequel of the sex-themed movies ‘Bindaas’ and ‘Bindaas 2’ is produced and directed by Raju Giri. The hot actress of the two previous sequel Sushma Karki is replaced by one of the producers, Suvekshya Thapa. With Suvekshya the movie also features Ashok Phuyal and Manish Karki in lead roles. Like previous sequels, the director has tried controversy to be one of the promotional aspect of the movie. This time, the controversy about religious khada as underwear of scantly clad Suvekshya seem to have back fired the film producers.

Watch ‘Bindaas’ and also ‘Watch Bindaas 2’ to know what type of movie ‘Bindaas 3’ is.

Trailer of ‘Bindaas 3’


The third movie of ‘Chapali Height’ actress Binita Baral is directed by her boyfriend Niranjan and Saurav Dhakal. The movie features Sudama CK opposite to Binita. The movie is made on the story of a RJ with suspense and comedy as the main attraction.

Binita had promoted the movie heavily in social media – but, that was three years ago – in 3013. It wasn’t released at that time and now, at the time of release, the promotion is not to that level.

Trailer of the movie:

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