Nikhil Upreti comeback in Bhairav (audio report and trailer)

The action star of Nepali film industry, Nikhil Upreti, is making comeback in the June 5 release, ‘Bhairav’. The movie previously scheduled to release earlier in 2015 was delayed because of the shooting of ‘Lutera’. In the trailer released on June 25, he is featured in action role and is trying to get back his previous popularity.

Audio Report:

In the home production movie ‘Bhairav’ Nikhil has also debuted as the director. The movie features Nikhil with Anu Shah, Muralidhar, Nagendra Rijal and Robin Hood Sen in main roles. The movie is made on criminal activities in the Indo-Nepal boarder.

Nikhil debuted in the Nepali film industry in Pinjada (watch ‘Pinjada’ here) and acted in more than 150 movies. (Watch Nikhil Upreti Movies here)

We had also written about the first look poster of ‘Bhairav’ and Nikhil in ‘Lutera’ movie.

nikhil upreti and anu shah in bhairav

Bhairav Trailer: