Nepali movie – Jungle Queen

jungle queen filmNepali movie – Jungle Queen
StarringJeshika Khadka (Jyoti Khadka), Lok Nath Dhakal, Udaya Shah, Shyam Katuwal, Kedar Dawadi, Janu Aryal, Jasna Nepal, Karan Crazy etc.
Director – BS Balami

The movie ‘Jungle Queen’ is a low budget movie produced by BS Balami. The actress Jeshika Khadka had changed her name from the original name Jyoti Khadka after sex scandal with singer Prakash Ojha. The actress ultimately committed suicide. She was also featured in another movie with similar name ‘Jungle Love‘.

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Nisha Adhikari talks Mero Valentine

In the announcement of the release of upcoming movie, ‘Mero Valentine’ actress Nisha Adhikari explains why the movie is bound to be successful. She was talking in a press meet program held on July 22.

Nisha’s address video:

In the address to the journalists Nisha told that this movie has given a feeling that it would be as successful as her previous movie ‘First Love’. Nisha told she editors have ruthlessly removed the unnecessary scenes. Nisha compared the movie with ‘Soongava’ in which only the appropriate scenes were included in the movie. The film team had also taken extra footage to add for making some of the scenes interesting.

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Journalist challenge Priyanka Karki accusation of photo manipulation of wardrobe malfunction

Right after the release of the photo of actress Priyanka Karki during the celebration of the success of ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’, Priyanka accused journalists of manipulating the photo.

The wardrobe malfunction photo shows the peak of undergarment of the actress under her skirt. In the facebook post Priyanka claimed to have worn a different colored undergarment and accused the photographer of creating the fake image.

priyaka karki in nai nabhannu la 2 success event

But, Priyanka deleted the status after a while. One journalist has saved the status and has accused Priyanka of wrongdoing to the journalists. In a complaint lodged against the actress, Jiwan Kumar Parajuli, has asked the Film Journalist Association to punish the actress for wrong accusation to the journalist.

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