No film artist to represent in the CA

When the Constituent Assembly (CA) membership hopeful film directors Deepak Shrestha and Himgyap Lama couldn’t make it to the CPN (Maoist) list, there will be no film artists to represent in the current CA.

They were included in the preliminary list of CA members under the proportional representation (PR) electoral system. In the similar way, actor Bhuwan KC also couldn’t make it to the list of CPN (UML). Bhuwan has organized a press meet in protest of being rejected twice by the party.

Other film personalities who had tried their luck in the electoral system Uddhav Poudel and Remeshjung Rayamajhi had failed to win enough votes to win the election. Another hopeful, actress Rekha Thapa failed to participate in the election because of her failure to register herself in the voting list.

The only CA member related to Nepali film industry is Rambir Manandhar. Manandhar, the owner of Astha Narayan theater, had won the election under electoral voting system in CPN (UML) seat. Although actor/director Nir Shah might still be hopeful, his chance to be included in the remaining 26 seats in the CA is very slim.

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