Paramita RL Rana goes Hollywood, coming soon in Netfilx


This is a latest announcement of actress Paramita RL Rana – the daughter of one of the fist generation models of Nepal and grand daughter of one of the first generation female golfers of Nepal. Actress Pramita debuted in the Nepali film industry in the sequel of ‘Chapali Height’, with Ayushman Desraj Joshi. Ayushman and Paramita were dating at that time. The sequel however didn’t do well in box office. Paramita was also featured in ‘Changa Chait’ released last year.

This year she is making a debut in English film to be shown in Netflix, one of the largest streaming TV channels in the world. Announcing the feat, Paramita has shared a photo of herself with her co-artist David in Bhaktapur.

This was what she wrote (an April Fool prank) “Guess who’s starring in the latest action packed Netflix series? YOUR GIRL PARAMITA WOOHOOO; Also meet my co actor David. Isn’t he awesome? Hollywood here I come baby. Dreams finally turning into reality. ”

Paramita’s mother, Riya Rana, is one of the first generation models in Nepal. Paramita’s grandmother was first generation female golfer, Shilapuspa Rana.

Apart from acting, Paramita is one of the most popular models in Nepal. She is also a singer and dancer. Recently she was featured in a musical play in Kathmandu. The multi-talented personality in the Nepali film industry is debuting in the international arena.

Paramita hasn’t given the details on the name of the show and the schedule of its release. There is no details on the length or significance of Paramita’s role in the flick. I wish it would a significant role and will help Paramita to get a huge success in the show and pave her way into more success in coming days. All the best Paramita!

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