Thanks Piracy, Yash Kumar might quit movie sector

Maile Choyeko Pani Chaldaina…

Yash Kumar is popularly known for the sweet song in which he expressed his frustration on the traditional Nepali society in which certain ‘lower cast’ can’t touch the water used by ‘higher cast’ people. And, now he has felt as if the distributors are indirectly telling him not to touch the ‘movie sector’.

Yash, a renowned singer, entered to the film industry with his self-produced movie Bato Muni Ko Phul in which, he is also the lead actor. At the time before its release, I asked him, “Why are you entering the film industry? Are you attracted towards the name and fame of an actor?”

Yash replied with a smile, “I am no less than an actor in terms of name and fame. I don’t need that. I want to contribute the industry with a better movie and address the present social scenario.”

Yes succeed in that case and his movie was well accepted by the viewers. But, things turned sour when pirated copies of his movies start to appear in the market. I called Yash Kumar yesterday, to talk about the latest situation and was surprised to hear that he is planning to quit this field.

Bato Muni Ko Phul was doing well in about 43 theaters, mostly in Eastern Nepal, until the pirated DVDs began to appear in the market. The high quality DVDs was one of the reason the future of the movie became uncertain in more than a hundred more theaters across Nepal.

Yash says, “I had tried my best to bring a perfect movie and had got great appreciation from all the viewers and film makers.” Yash adds, “But, due to this piracy it had ruined all my efforts.”

Yash is not sure how much he had lost due to piracy. Yash also told that he hasn’t received any money from the theaters it was screened in.

Yash Kumar was in talk with sponsors in 15 different countries to screen the movie outside Nepal. At the time when he was ready to start his foreign tour, the piracy ruined the plan.  The dealers in foreign countries are skeptical in the success of the movie as the pirated DVDs might have already reached to the prospective movie viewers.

Yash Kumar speaks sadly, “I can’t even imagine how much I had lost from this movie.”

In a question on how hard is it to make movie, Yash replied, “It is very difficult to make a good movie in Nepal. There are virus in this field who are ready to spoil your initiative.”

Producing a good movie in such an adverse environment wasn’t easy. I am from music field and movie making and acting is a completely new field for me involving new concepts and presentation. At first, I expected to get very support from members in the field but later, it turned out to be my imaginations. Music field is far much better – singers and musician support their fellow musician and singer. But, Nepali movie industry is ruthless in this aspect. They try to pull your leg if you come up with new ideas and talents. Current piracy issue can also be taken as one of the example on how they treat the promising person in the sector. The motive behind the piracy is to discourage new entry in the field. I will fight until I got justice and compensation for the loss caused by the piracy.

I felt sad for him. Talented producers like Yash is hard to find. I asked him if he will continue making movies. He stated clearly that it depends on the outcome of the current piracy tussle. If he could get compensation for the loss, he will make think about another movie. If things don’t get solved properly and if he is denied any compensation, he will quit film making.

He added, “I should at least get the the amount I had invested. If not, music is a better field and I enjoy being called a singer.”

By – Raunak

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