Pooja Chand in her second wedlock with Raju Lama

Nepali actress Poojan Chand, has decided to marry for the second time in the US. Pooja’s new husband is Raju Lama, the lead singer and lead guitarist of The Angles band. Pooja has been living in the US for the last five years after her previous marriage with Suraj Chand couldn’t continue.


An engagement ceremony of the new couple was held in Baltimore, US. Present in the ceremony were Pooja’s mother and her daughter from previous marriage. In the ceremony Raju Lama and Pooja Chand exchanged rings and promised to get married within three months.

xNepali team would like to offer congratulation to Pooja and Raju and wish them a very happy and long-lasting relationship.

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  1. ooooo my god i can't accept,i don't belived it.ma yo k sundai 6u ???????????????? ma ta dunga…singer Raju lama ko wife Pooja chand…………ooooooooooooooo it is imposible…no good. no shut yar

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