Pooja Lama is getting married

pooja-lama A sudden twist in the Pooja Lama scandal!

Pooja Lama is getting married!!

It was on Thursday (October 29) the sex video of Pooja was released to the public and on Sunday, two days later, she is getting married to her boyfriend, Shishir Sangtang “Prasan”, whom she had been dating for the past six months.

The reason? It sure is obvious. But, Nagariknews (in Nepali) wanted to be sure and asked about the sudden decision. Looks like her script writer is preparing the proper script… and hence she told that she will tell the reason at the wedding place at Bhadrakali Mandir, Kathmandu. You have to wait for some time to know the “official reason” of sudden marriage.

The background

According to Pooja’s boyfriend Shishir, his friend, Pritam Pandey, has released the video to public. Pritam has copied the video from Shishir’s mobile phone while transferring songs.

According to Nayapatrika (in Nepali) Shishir asked his Maoist friends to abduct Pritam Pandey who was later released from captivity at Shoyambhu, Kathmandu, by the help police. Pritam was released from Police office after Shishir and Pritam reached to an agreement.

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