Do Nepali Models fit in Model criteria ?

The British Association of Model Agents (AMA) says that female models should be around 34-24-34 in (86-61-86 cm) and at least 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) tall.

How many of the Nepali models are taller than 5 ft 8 in ? I suspect none.

Wikipedia defines a model as ‘a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for works of art.’

  • How many of them are posing for ‘works of art’? Probably, none.
  • How many of the internet models are ‘promoting fashion clothing’ or other product ? A very small number of them, I believe.

Some of you might say that the definition of model, in this digital age, is changed. I agree, and I also believe so. But, there is still something amiss, odd, or awkward on the way our modeling industry is shaping up. I have lost track of the beauty contests, being held every other day — and I won’t be writing about them anymore unless they are ‘big enough’ like Miss Nepal. These ‘model manufacturing’ contests might be one of the reason there are so many models around.


When you can’t fit it in the traditional definition, you should redefine term itself so that, everybody fits in it. Then, what is the definition of Nepali version of Model ?

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Karishma Manandhar on mini-skirts and tattoo on breast (photos)

When Karishma Manandhar attended the first anniversary party of Nagariknews, she became the center of attraction. The actress in her 40s looked younger and more attractive in the green dress.

It was not only the face and the dress that was attractive about her that day. The tattoo of Nepal’s national flower ‘gurash’ (Red Rhododendron) on her breast was the center of attraction of everybody.

The tattoo looks more like a painting on her breast rather than a permanent tattoo. It looks like, after living in the US for some time, she has brought the western trends and fashion with her. Showing panties while wearing mini-skirt (photo below) seems another of the western fashion trend (Thanks god, she didn’t dare the Brittney Spears, or Paris Hilton, or an Indian-Samita Setty style!).
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New faces of 2066 in Nepali Movies

In the Nepali new year, we are looking at the new faces, in leading roles, in Nepali movies. In the 42 movies released this year, most of the actors were well known actors like Rajesh Hamal, Biraj Bhatt, Nikhil Upreti, Rekha Thapa and so on. There were few new actors with potential to succeed in Nepali movies:

New Actress

  • Saujanya Subba – from TV to big screen with ‘Takkar Dui Mutu ko’  and upcoming movie ‘Aujar’, ‘Swavhiman’, and ‘Jaya Hos’.
  • Sunita Gandarva – from modeling to acting with ‘Yeti ko Khojima’ and upcoming movie ‘Chino’
  • Usha Rajak – from modeling to acting – with ‘Kusume Rumal’
  • Ruby Bhattarai – from modeling to acting – with ‘Kusume Rumal’
  • Sushma Karki – from ‘Mero Euta Saathi Chha’
  • Sneha Sharma – ‘Nishana’ and ‘Maya yo Kasto Maya’
  • Jenisha Khadka – ‘Jungle Queen’
  • Nisha Adhikari – from modeling and TV – ‘Mission Paisa’, ‘Naina Resham’, and upcoming movies like ‘First Love’
  • Aayusha Basnet – from ‘Mission Paisa’
  • Sweta Khadka – ‘Kaha Bhetiyala’, upcoming film ‘Ek fera Hasideu’  

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Brand Ambassador competition in Nepali celebrities

Many actors, musicians, and players are appointed brand ambassadors of various commercial products to increase their sales. These ambassadors usually are established personalities in their field and who potentially have charm and attraction to help in the success of the product they represent.

Pop singer Nima Rumba is brand ambassador of most number of commercial products (Yamaha Bike, Springwood, San Miguel Beer, Face lotion, Subisu, Coke Cola, Shakalaka Boom, Team Samsung and New Look Men’s Shaving Cream) and Sagarmatha area cleaning and maintenance ambassador.

Namrata Shrestha has been brand ambassador of Springwood, Sangrila Cricket Academy. It was rumored that she was stripped from being the brand ambassador of Springwood, but Namrata told that it was not true. She is also a brand ambassador of beach cricket being held on the Trishuli river beach on Kurintar.

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First Nepali actress in Hollywood – Sweta Lamichhane

Sweta Lamichane is the first Nepali woman to join the US Marines and probably the first Nepali actress in Hollywood. She sure is doing great in the US and making us proud. Her IMDB page has her bio-data and her acting career details. We wish her all the best in her desire to win an Oscar.

News about her is spreading like fire in Nepali news sites (almost all of them copied from Kantipur). It started with her coverage in Kantipur newspaper. Sweta announced in her facebook page:

Sweta Lamichhane I will be featured in the Kathmandu Post on either Friday the 29th or Saturday the 30th. Extra Extra Read all about it! Thank You Sajag Rana & Keshav Koirala!

It was published on 30th of January 2010:

Her achievements so far include leading roles in Destiny, a New York Film Academy production and in the short film Shoot ‘em Up, which will be pitched with Disney Channel. She has featured in MTV’s Freedom Writers and has also worked in TV shows like ER, Greek, and Glee.

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Flashback – Nepali Movies in 2009

In summary, the year 2009 wasn’t so good for Nepali film industry. Many of the movies screened in 2009 couldn’t profit due to lack of opportunity to get theater in time and low turn-up of viewers. In total 32 movies were released in 2009. It is told that only a couple out of the 32 movies could earn profit.

Most of the film halls all over the country are now equipped with digital technology and are hence capable of showing new Hindi movies. As Hindi movies are more profitable than Nepali movies for the film halls, Nepali movies had to wait in long queue for screening them in cinema halls of their choice.

Most profitable movies of 2009 were ‘Kaha Bhetiyala’ by produced by actor Shri Krishna Shrestha and ‘Silsila’ by CP Poudel.

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Pooja Lama Loves her friend more than her husband

The scandal, and the marriage, and break-up?

I thought the marriage was the happy ending. But, the latest news is not so promising. Poor Pooja, she should be having a pretty hard time.

Entertainment circle is heated with the gossip of difficulties in the relationship between newly married couple, Pooja Lama and Shishir Shyangtang.

Although, Pooja said that their relationship is as good as ever and they are not having any misunderstanding, Pooja is living with her friend Nisha Sunar instead of her newly married husband. Nisha Sunar is one of the best friends of Pooja and according to Pooja she is sick. Pooja says that Nisha’s husband is away and she doesn’t have anybody to take care of, so she has to live with Nisha.

That is ok, one should help friends in hard times. But, Pooja also claimed that the relationship between friends is more important than husband and wife’s relationship.

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Pooja Lama to participate in Indian Idol

Pooja Lama doesn’t need introduction. The sex video and marriage gave her enough publicity. That sure wasn’t a good publicity so, for some good publicity she is going to participate in Indian Idol.

In a recent interview with Saptahik weekly she revealed that she is going to Mumbai in a couple of weeks to participate in an audition of Indian Idol. It might seem odd for a Nepali model, actress, singer to participate in Indian Idol. But, she explained that she was born in Darjeeling so she can participate in the talent hunt show held in India.

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Pooja Lama marriage (photos)

It was a surprising twist to the sex scandal, but, it sure was a happy end!

The 15 minutes marriage ceremony should have broken the record of being shortest Nepali celebrity marriage ceremony (a public one, of course).

Pooja told the reporters that they were planning a huge ceremony but had to do it in a hurry. … we can understand that … don’t you?

Yes, the groom was Shishir Sangtang, a DJ in one of the Kathmandu FMs.

It was Pooja’s second marriage. Her first marriage with Biraj Lopchan, with whom she had a son, ended in 7 month. After the unsuccessful marriage, she was deeply in love with Dinesh DC and tried to commit suicide when Dinesh refused to marry her.

She sure needs all the best wishes she can get. Let’s wish her a long, happy and prosperous married life and see some photos of her marriage.

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Pooja Lama is getting married

A sudden twist in the Pooja Lama scandal!

Pooja Lama is getting married!!

It was on Thursday (October 29) the sex video of Pooja was released to the public and on Sunday, two days later, she is getting married to her boyfriend, Shishir Sangtang “Prasan”, whom she had been dating for the past six months.

The reason? It sure is obvious. But, Nagariknews (in Nepali) wanted to be sure and asked about the sudden decision. Looks like her script writer is preparing the proper script… and hence she told that she will tell the reason at the wedding place at Bhadrakali Mandir, Kathmandu. You have to wait for some time to know the “official reason” of sudden marriage.
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Pooja Lama scandal .. who next?

[UPDATE :  Some parts of the article has been re-written]

In a latest news, it is told that another Nepali actress, Pooja Lama, has become victim of a sex scandal. Lama, a Nepali model, singer, and actress is considered one of the boldest model. In the video, Pooja can be clearly seen as her partner is films it. Pooja is well aware of the recording and looks like the video recording is done in mutual agreement.

I haven’t seen the video and don’t know much about it. Those who have seen it have told that the video is filmed in a room with Pooja’s photo on the background. The couple is talking in English (as in Namrata’s video). The video is very short (only 1:23 minutes in length) as compared to about half an hour video of Namrata Shrestha. It is to be seen if more of her videos in the series will be released in the future.

Pooja is wearing a white dress and a dog can also be seen in the video. The the door is left wide open during the act in her room. Although Pooja can be easily be recognized in the video, face of her partner is not shown.

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Namrata Shrestha Sex Scandal

Namrata started acting in Grade 1. Watch Namrata’s first film Watch “Sangani” here.

Namrata Shrestha is in the top of the news these days with the release of her latest movie ‘Mero Euta Saathi Chha’.  I haven’t seen the movie yet but I have heard that it is a cocktail of Hollywood, Bollywood and Korean movies. She had shown her acting potential in her last movie  ‘Sano Sansar‘.

Also watch: A video about Namrata:

This post is not about her acting or movies but about a 8 minutes video circulating in the internet recently. I am not much sure, but the dimple of the girl on the video resembles that of Namrata. The girl in the video seems to be well skilled in what she was doing. Although the couple are talking in English it sounds pretty much like Nepali ascent. The girl, although looking a bit drunk, is well aware of the video recording as the flash lights are turned on. At some point, she tells “turn it off please…. its disturbing”.

Please see the screenshot from video and compare with the original photo of Namrata. Do you think it is Namrata? If the latest scandal proves to be true she is supposed to be on headline for quite some time.

I hope the video is not a fabricated one to defame the aspiring artist.

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