Do Nepali Models fit in Model criteria ?

The British Association of Model Agents (AMA) says that female models should be around 34-24-34 in (86-61-86 cm) and at least 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) tall.

How many of the Nepali models are taller than 5 ft 8 in ? I suspect none.

Wikipedia defines a model as ‘a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for works of art.’

  • How many of them are posing for ‘works of art’? Probably, none.
  • How many of the internet models are ‘promoting fashion clothing’ or other product ? A very small number of them, I believe.

Some of you might say that the definition of model, in this digital age, is changed. I agree, and I also believe so. But, there is still something amiss, odd, or awkward on the way our modeling industry is shaping up. I have lost track of the beauty contests, being held every other day — and I won’t be writing about them anymore unless they are ‘big enough’ like Miss Nepal. These ‘model manufacturing’ contests might be one of the reason there are so many models around.


When you can’t fit it in the traditional definition, you should redefine term itself so that, everybody fits in it. Then, what is the definition of Nepali version of Model ?

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Smita Thapa’s Advertisement or an Interview

There was a very hot interview of a model, Smita Thapa, in Saptahik, the sister publication of Nepal’s top newspaper, Kantipur. The interview titled “I need a man not a husband” claims that the model Smita Thapa uses men as toys and she uses men only for her sexual needs. Claiming to be the first public revelation of her private life, Smita talks about her decade long sex life. Smita started revealing more details of her sex life as the whiskey she was drinking took control of her.

In a startling revelation, she told that she couldn’t remember how many men she has slept with.

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Miss India Worldwide Nepal in February

These days there are numerous beauty contest being held in Nepal and one more contest is going to be held in February.

If you are a woman of Indian origin, resident in Nepal and aged between 18 and 27 years; here is your chance to participate in Miss India Worldwide beauty contest. If you are eligible, you need to hurry up and send your application by February 4, 2010. The event will be held on 27th of February.

The call for contestant features 2008 title holder – Miss India Worldwide 2008, Shagun Sarabhai.

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Pooja Lama Loves her friend more than her husband

The scandal, and the marriage, and break-up?

I thought the marriage was the happy ending. But, the latest news is not so promising. Poor Pooja, she should be having a pretty hard time.

Entertainment circle is heated with the gossip of difficulties in the relationship between newly married couple, Pooja Lama and Shishir Shyangtang.

Although, Pooja said that their relationship is as good as ever and they are not having any misunderstanding, Pooja is living with her friend Nisha Sunar instead of her newly married husband. Nisha Sunar is one of the best friends of Pooja and according to Pooja she is sick. Pooja says that Nisha’s husband is away and she doesn’t have anybody to take care of, so she has to live with Nisha.

That is ok, one should help friends in hard times. But, Pooja also claimed that the relationship between friends is more important than husband and wife’s relationship.

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Pooja Lama to participate in Indian Idol

Pooja Lama doesn’t need introduction. The sex video and marriage gave her enough publicity. That sure wasn’t a good publicity so, for some good publicity she is going to participate in Indian Idol.

In a recent interview with Saptahik weekly she revealed that she is going to Mumbai in a couple of weeks to participate in an audition of Indian Idol. It might seem odd for a Nepali model, actress, singer to participate in Indian Idol. But, she explained that she was born in Darjeeling so she can participate in the talent hunt show held in India.

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Zenisha Moktan preparing for Miss World – smile first

Nobody is perfect. Somebody are more beautiful and others are a bit less.

Current Miss Nepal, Zenisha Moktan, is good enough as long as she is not smiling. But smiling is one of the most important aspect of beauty. I don’t know whether the judges saw her ‘big’ smile or not; but, the viewers surely saw some shortcomings in her and hence, there were some negative comments on the news post about the Miss Nepal event I posted previously. When she smiles – big enough – it is more of the gums that shows off rather than the teeth.

Now she is going to participate in the Miss World and she is a bit more serious about her looks. According to Nepal Samacharpatra daily, she has made five of her teeth to look better for the upcoming event. She went to Dr. Sushil Koirala to cut some parts of her gums and put caps on her small teeth.  The operation took two weeks and the result – big teeth, better smile.

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Pooja Lama marriage (photos)

It was a surprising twist to the sex scandal, but, it sure was a happy end!

The 15 minutes marriage ceremony should have broken the record of being shortest Nepali celebrity marriage ceremony (a public one, of course).

Pooja told the reporters that they were planning a huge ceremony but had to do it in a hurry. … we can understand that … don’t you?

Yes, the groom was Shishir Sangtang, a DJ in one of the Kathmandu FMs.

It was Pooja’s second marriage. Her first marriage with Biraj Lopchan, with whom she had a son, ended in 7 month. After the unsuccessful marriage, she was deeply in love with Dinesh DC and tried to commit suicide when Dinesh refused to marry her.

She sure needs all the best wishes she can get. Let’s wish her a long, happy and prosperous married life and see some photos of her marriage.

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Pooja Lama is getting married

A sudden twist in the Pooja Lama scandal!

Pooja Lama is getting married!!

It was on Thursday (October 29) the sex video of Pooja was released to the public and on Sunday, two days later, she is getting married to her boyfriend, Shishir Sangtang “Prasan”, whom she had been dating for the past six months.

The reason? It sure is obvious. But, Nagariknews (in Nepali) wanted to be sure and asked about the sudden decision. Looks like her script writer is preparing the proper script… and hence she told that she will tell the reason at the wedding place at Bhadrakali Mandir, Kathmandu. You have to wait for some time to know the “official reason” of sudden marriage.
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Pooja Lama scandal .. who next?

[UPDATE :  Some parts of the article has been re-written]

In a latest news, it is told that another Nepali actress, Pooja Lama, has become victim of a sex scandal. Lama, a Nepali model, singer, and actress is considered one of the boldest model. In the video, Pooja can be clearly seen as her partner is films it. Pooja is well aware of the recording and looks like the video recording is done in mutual agreement.

I haven’t seen the video and don’t know much about it. Those who have seen it have told that the video is filmed in a room with Pooja’s photo on the background. The couple is talking in English (as in Namrata’s video). The video is very short (only 1:23 minutes in length) as compared to about half an hour video of Namrata Shrestha. It is to be seen if more of her videos in the series will be released in the future.

Pooja is wearing a white dress and a dog can also be seen in the video. The the door is left wide open during the act in her room. Although Pooja can be easily be recognized in the video, face of her partner is not shown.

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Zenisha Moktan – Miss Nepal 2009

Model Zenisha Moktan was crowned Miss Nepal 2009. She will represent Nepal in the Miss World 2009 pageant. Zenisha beat 14 other finalists to win the title of the beauty pageant organized by The Hidden Treasure

The first runner-up, Richa Thapa Magar, will represent Nepal in Miss Earth competition to be held in Philippines. Kunchan Tamang Moktan bagged second runner-up position.

Congratulation Zenisha and other titles winners!

Last year’s Miss Nepal was cancelled in the last minutes amongst protest from then ruling party, CPN-Maoist. Last year, during the preparation of the contest Zenisha was dragged into controversy with a video claiming to be hers. But it turned out to be a fake video.

Following is a slide show of all the Miss Nepal from the start of the event in 1994 to 2014 (updated in 2015).