Pooja Lama marriage (photos)

pooja marriage It was a surprising twist to the sex scandal, but, it sure was a happy end!

The 15 minutes marriage ceremony should have broken the record of being shortest Nepali celebrity marriage ceremony (a public one, of course).

Pooja told the reporters that they were planning a huge ceremony but had to do it in a hurry. … we can understand that … don’t you?

Yes, the groom was Shishir Sangtang, a DJ in one of the Kathmandu FMs.

It was Pooja’s second marriage. Her first marriage with Biraj Lopchan, with whom she had a son, ended in 7 month. After the unsuccessful marriage, she was deeply in love with Dinesh DC and tried to commit suicide when Dinesh refused to marry her.

She sure needs all the best wishes she can get. Let’s wish her a long, happy and prosperous married life and see some photos of her marriage.


Photo Sources – Nagariknews, Kantipuronline, Hamroblog, Onlinekhabar, filmykhabar

25 thoughts on “Pooja Lama marriage (photos)

  1. Who cares who u are—you a a disgrace to women folks—Who cares how many times u mrry—it’s just a farce—do u know the meaning and sacrifice of marriage—it’s not fooling around with other people’s husband—You lousy womwn should go to hell

  2. Forgot the thrashing you got in Park village resort for being with some one’s husband—You kind of women should go in dumps who break other peoples lives. U are all opportunistic crawly creepers who cannot stick to a person—And the scandal u created in Lhasa —instead of performing you were inbed with those smelly Tibetians—ugs—–go to hell

  3. Samjhana cha birsijane lai…..maya cha chodi janelai?
    Puja timile yo dukhilai dhoka diye pani please DJ soalteelai chai chokho maya dinu?Mainle ta timilai mero chokho maya dina sakina ….aasha cha ki DJ soalteele pakaaipani mainle vanda badi maya dinecha vanera?Timro jindagi falifuloos…ra sada god bless u my sweet past angel…..ur’s everLoving Rahul.

  4. heyyyyyyyy puja malai birseko ? ti din, ti rat ko sanga pokhu mero manko bedana. jhal jhalti aauchha yaadharu. anyway happy marry.

  5. Hi,Pooja,

    I am Bikash Bajracharya’s mama.where you stayed last one year at his house. You know him very well…what a surprised marrieged.Happy Conjugal marriege life.your well wisher K.M.Bajracharya

  6. I just want to ask who is puja ? to median friends why the media is taking her in the sky. media should stop going after such a **k ***h.let her to do what she wants now hope soon she will call for press conference and clear all the problems and want to be high light again in the media.
    After few month again she will call t media for the divorce with Shishir i am sure at that time will media write want to read but pls. stop doing such and making the normal gal a supper star.

  7. i think this married ceremony is good for Puja and Shishir
    but this type of scandal is not good. but some selfish may be dispose. you should be think whatever you do . good luck and success

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