'Use' another Nepali movie on sex

In the flood of sex-related movies, ‘Use’ is another such upcoming movie. The first promo and music of the movie, based on a story of human trafficking, was released in Kathmandu on the new year’s day. With the promotion theme ‘Love, sex and use’ the movie tries to attract the youth.


Use is produced under Bajra Creation P. Ltd. banner and is produced by Milan Rai. The movie directed by BS Balami is told to be based on a real story. Balami has also directed fight sequences in the movie. The script and
dialogue is prepared by DR Sharma, dance of Ratna Joshi, and camera of Binod Sapkota.

The movie features Subash Meche, Jayakishan Basnet, Sima KC, Binod Basnet and others in main roles.

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