Oleanna – a strong ‘split role’ play

A play on the issue of sexually harassing behaviors in schools, colleges and universities, Oleanna, was featured in Moksh Live, Jhamsikhel by One World Theatre in collaboration with Actors’ Studio. The first set of shows were featured on December 2, 3 and 4th and it will again be shown on 9-11 December. Based on the original play of playwright David Mamet, it is directed by Deborah Merola.

As we had told before, this is the debut play of actress Namrata Shrestha

The play features Anup Baral as Professor John. A student, weak in her studies, Carol is played by Shanti Giri whom the professor offers to teach in private. John tries to boost her confidence by he touching her on her shoulders, thighs and hugs her. The same student Carol in the second act is played by Namrata Shrestha, a stronger looking character. She charges being John sexist by analyzing his behavior and actions. In the third act, Diya Maskey, a stronger Carol abuses John, now jobless and without a house. At the end, it became too difficult for John to tolerate Carol and physically abuses her. In summary, all the actors justified their role by a strong presentation. Split role played by Shanti Giri, Namrata Shrestha, and Diya Maskey on the same character is in itself a new venture in theatrical presentation.

The play shows the sexual psychology of the 1980s / 1990s America. "Oleanna became an iconic treatment of the issue of sexual harassment and political correctness that gripped public attention in the United States of the 1990s." The producer of the play Mita Hosali, believes it still relevant in present day Nepal.

For those who missed the first series of the play can still watch it on 9, 10, 11 December 2011 at  5:30 p.m. in Moksh Live, Jhamsikhel. Have fun. (photo credits Nagarik and Kantipur)