Priyanka Karki divorced a year ago

It has been a year since Priyanka Karki had formally divorced her husband Rochak Mainali. Although rumors were going on about their divorce, this is the first time Priyanka has publicly admitted the truthfulness of the rumor.

priyanka karki and Rochak mainali

Priyanka told that the 2-year-old marriage (at that time) ended on her birthday about a year ago. After divorcing Rochak, Priyanka returned back to Nepal and started working in movies. She has been one of the most busy actress in these days. Although she hasn’t been able to offer a successful movie, she has been successful in bagging numerous movies in her credit.

Miss Teen 2005, Priyanka had gone to US to study. In the college, she met her neighbor in Nepal, Rochak Mainali and got married at the age of 22. Before marriage, Priyanka was was linked with other media persons and marrige to Rochak came as a shock to many.

At that time, a lot of people had commented that Priyanka had hurried to get married. Some had even predicted that the marriage will not last long because of the different character and career paths of the two. Rochak seem like an opposite in character to the outgoing Priyanka Karki.

Upadte: I came across a video of early 2012, a few days before divorce. Both Priyanka and Rochak Mainali were featured together in an interview of Himalaya TV’s program Jiwan Sathi. In the program they had claimed that the relationship was very good and they didn’t have any problem in their marriage. No hint of problem in relationship can be seen in the video. You can watch the Jiwan Sathi video in Serial Sansar.

Priyanka is cutting the cake on her birthday, just after the divorce (2012):

Rumored affair before marriage (unconfirmed).

Photos of some private moments of Priyanka with her ex-husband Rochak Mainali:

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