Priyanka Karki, Rekha Thapa, Deepa Shree etc. on Shiva Ratri and Ganja (Marijuana)

The festival of Shiva Ratri is synonyms with Bhang, dhaturo and Ganja (Marijuana or Cannabis). Although the use of ganja is prohibited in other times, it is usually free during the time of shiva ratri. In the festival, youths and older people go to Pashupati area to smoke ganja.

Shiva Ratri for different age group

  • Children and youths – they ask for alm on road by blocking the road and asking for money. The collected money is usually used to purchase wood for the fire used in the night.
  • Married women fast and worship lord Shiva for the longevity of their husbands.
  • Unmarried women also fast and worship Shiva and ask for the husband like him.
  • Older males – worship shiva and enjoy the festival by drinking juices and laddu containing bhang and smoking ganja.

Fasting for their husband and future husband is a tradition in declining trend. I believe, that is the remains of the male dominated society. Let’s see, how Nepali actresses celebrate Shiva Ratri:

Priyanka Karki Shiva Ratri

The most attractive woman of Nepal, Priyanka Karki, celebrates her birthday on Shiva Ratri. She was born on Shiva Ratri day.

Priyanka says that she hasn’t fasted on Shiva Ratri. She believes staying hungry for a day is not good for her health. Although Priyanka has tested marijuana, she is not keen on using it on Shiva Ratri. She says, she doesn’t like marijuana.

Rekha Thapa Shiva Ratri

Actress Rekha Thapa is a religious person and says that she celebrates all the festivals in Nepal. In Shiva Ratri she has fun with her friends and family. She believes, festivals in Nepal are the excuses to have fun. She also smokes Ganja in Shiva Ratri.

I wrote about Rekha Thapa and then-chief of Film Development Board smoking marijuana together in a Shiva Ratri in 2013.

About marijuana, Rekha says that it is the gift of lord Shiva. About a decade ago Rekha remembers smoking a lot of marijuana and the hallucination. After that, she has controlled herself not to exceed the limits.

Deepa Shree Niraula Shiva Ratri

The actress, Deepa Shree Niraula has made a new identity this year – a successful film director. After the success of ‘Chhaka Panja’, Deepa Shree is considered one of the best directors in the Nepali film industry.

In Shiva Ratri, Deepa likes to spend time with her partner in film production, Deepak Raj Giri and smoke marijuana. Last year, Deepa was found smoking at the Mahadev mandir in Pulchowk with Deepak Raj Giri and Nirmal Sharma. She told that it had been 5 years since she started smoking marijuana. This year would be her sixth.

Deepa is a very religious person and she also fasts in Shiva Ratri. The unmarried actress and director in her 40s only eats fruits on Shiva Ratri in hopes of getting a husband.

Benisha Hamal on Shiva Ratri

Actress Benisha Hamal has also tasted Ganja but, hasn’t smoked it on Shiva Ratri. About, fasting on Shiva Ratri, Benisha is not regular. She doesn’t enjoy being hungry all day. Last year, Benisha didn’t do the fasting but, the year before, she told that she went fasting on Shiva Ratri.

Parbati Rai, model and dancer, on Shiva Ratri

One of the most popular dancers of the current time, Parbati Rai claims that she has never tasted Ganja. She doesn’t like when people smoke Ganja. Parbati remembers going to Pashupati on Shiva Ratri and she used to enjoy going to the Shiva temple on the festival. But, these days, because of her busy schedule, she doesn’t get much free time to enjoy festivals. She usually had to go to foreign countries to participate in the cultural programs held on festival time.

Astha Raut, singer, on Shiva Ratri

Singer Astha Raut doesn’t like to smoke cigarette or ganja. She doesn’t like smokers and wouldn’t try one either. But, Astha enjoys going to Pashupati temple on Shiva Ratri. She has seen people smoking pot in Pashupati area. Although, she doesn’t care if people smoke on the festival time, she believes it is wrong to smoke it in other times.

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